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((OOC: Sorry I haven't replied yet! I'm veryveryvery busy nowadays. I will try to make time for reading and rating and putting up Route 31 tonight.))

OOOK here we go!

@ Thunderbolt - interesting "battle" xD

- Light (PIkachu) grew to lv 11 and learned THunder Wave!

@ Eternal Moonlight - Your team is getting cuter by the minute :3

- Scout (Sentret) grew to lv 8 and learned Quick Attack!


Route 31

This route looks almost like route 30 and is a somewhat non-steep slope all the way west to Violet City. By the time you've gotten here, it's probably raining, although it might clear up rather quickly.

The route starts with a sign telling you to go north for Dark Cave or west for Violet City. If you try to go north, you will encounter a roadblock consisting of a digging team that is about to excavate Dark Cave. Therefore, you may not enter. You'd better go west.

What can you do here?

- Generally, on a route, you can catch wild pokémon and battle trainers. You can also make up your own adventures, meet your own NPCs and anything, actually.
- You cannot meet up with the other players. Unless I say so specifically.
- What level the pokémon you capture are depends on the quality of your post.
- When you want to capture a pokémon, END YOUR POST WITH THE POKÉBALL SHAKING or something. I decide if the capture is successful or not.

Pokémon found on Route 31:

Type: Grass/flying
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Splash, Synthesis, Tail Whip
Type: Grass/Poison
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Water Sport
Type: Normal
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Splash, Charm, Tail Whip
Type: Bug
Lv: 7-9
Attacks: Growl, Bide, Struggle Bug


Selma, Cherrygrove City (long post, for story reasons :D )

Nicole had been overjoyed when she won against Selma. It seemed to permanently raise her self-confidence because when they had gone back to Cherrygrove, healed their pokémon and gone home to Nicole and Flynn for the night, Nicole was still boasting about her pokémon and talking about the amazing battle. By the time they had breakfast, the young girl was still wearing a smile that didn't seem to fade whatever anybody else said.

"Pass the butter already," Flynn said grumpily. Clearly, he wasn't the morning person.

"Oh, sure!" Nicole answered which made Flynn and his parents raise their eyebrows. Selma choked a giggle. Apparently things normally didn't go this smooth at the breakfast table in this family.

Mr and Mrs Tider were nice, decent people who were only happy to have Selma staying over. She had slept in the large sofa in the living room, while her pokémon had slept inside their pokéballs.

When breakfast was over, the three kids went outside.

"So," Nicole began hesitantly. "You are leaving now, aren't you?" she said, looking the older girl in the eyes.

Flynn looked quietly from one to the other.

"I guess so," Selma said. She hadn't really thought about that, but of course she couldn't stay in Cherrygrove forever. "I will always remember you though! And I'll come back to visit you some time!"

Nicole nodded slowly but Flynn was still very quiet and looked like he was biting his lip. It was sort of strange to see.

"Yes, we will see each other again... because I'm traveling too," Nicole said.

Flynn blinked. "What?" he blurted out. "What did you just say?"

"I will go on a pokémon journey! But not together with you, Selma. I will travel alone with Leds! And we will keep being better than you!"

Selma smiled and was about to say that she thought that was an awesomely fun idea, but Flynn came in between.

"You are too young!"

"I am not! I am 11! I can take care of myself!"

"11 is nothing! I'm 14 and even I am hesitant to just go out into the world. And definitely not alone!"

Nicole stared angrily at her brother. "You wouldn't leave. You don't have the same connection with pokémon that I have. You would never make it as a pokémon trainer!"

Flynn's eyes narrowed. "There are many ways to travel and see pokémon. Fighting isn't the only way."

"Ha!" Nicole crossed her arms and didn't see that her parents came outside in front of the house behind her, to see what all the commotion was about. "You will see! I will pack my stuff and leave today. Mum and dad will stand behind me for sure!"

"Yes, that's for sure at least," Flynn said, crossing his arms in a similar move and looking over her shoulder at his dad, who was wrinkling his furry eyebrows and stroking his mustache thoughtfully. Nicole spun around and saw them, realizing they had heard her words.

"I-I mean it," she blurted out quickly. "It's not just something I'm saying now. I've... thought about it for a long time, mom... dad."

Mr and Mrs Tider gave each other a long look. Mrs Tider nodded and Mr Tider sighed. "We know, honey. It's clear that you and your Ledyba are growing up together. To travel would be great for you."

Flynn dropped his jaw and Selma kept quiet, not wanting to destroy any family moment here.

Nicole shone up. "Really? You are the best, dad! And mom!" She turned around and smirked towards Flynn. "Well, I'll go pack my things then."


She did, rather quickly, and waved goodbye to everyone before lunch-time. Her parents had told her to call whenever she could, they had talked to Leds and made him promise to protect Nicole at all costs, and they had provided her with everything she needed to survive if she had to sleep outdoors... she was on her way to become a pokémon trainer.

Selma had wanted to come with her on the first route, but Nicole insisted on going alone. When she was completely out of sight from the Tider house, Selma noticed that Flynn was biting his lip again. She suddenly wished that she was better at reading people, and tried.

"Do you want to go too, Flynn?" she asked softly.

"I... yes. I guess," he replied and looked down. "But I don't have any pokémon. It would be lonesome."

Several quiet seconds passed before both of them spoke at the exact same time.

"You could come with me?"

"Can I come with you?"

They blinked at each other and then started laughing.

"Seems like it's agreed on, then," Flynn said. "I'll... go pack my stuff?"

Selma smiled widely. "Do it!"

That made Flynn smile as well, and he literally jumped back inside the house to tell his parents about his decision. Selma turned her head up towards the sky. It was blue. Not a cloud in sight... oh wait. Lots of clouds at the horizon. Going this way. Typically. They were bound to come over them soon.


Selma, Route 30 (agaaain...)

As Selma Sanderton and Flynn Tider walked Route 30 for the third time in two days, they were both feeling spirited and happy, even though the air around them was as misty as ever and made every noise sound like it was passing through layers of cotton on the way to their ears.

Something stirred in front of them. Flynn held out a hand to show Selma that they should be quiet. Carefully, they moved forward... and saw that the mist was a bit clearer in a small grassy field ahead of them. A small herd of sheep pokémon were grazing the field.

"Oh, wow!" Selma said quietly and picked up the pokédex. It told her that they were Mareep and had electric powers. "This sounds good..."

"So, you up for your first battle of the day?" Flynn said beside her, winking.

Selma smiled back as an answer. She was happy to see Flynn feeling so alive. It would be nice to have him and his brains by her side on the journey.

The red headed girl stepped up and took forth a pokéball. "Shine, Ledyba!" she said and sent out her newest member of the team.

Ledyba came out and stayed airborne. She looked back at Selma, seeming to decide whether she would listen to the human again or not. Selma gave her a warm smile and nodded towards the Mareep herd. Ledyba seemed to shrug and buzz closer to the grassy field. The humans followed her.

When they were close enough, one of the Mareep spotted them and yelled to the others. They backed off.

"They're escaping," Flynn said.

"Won't let them," Selma said. "Ledyba, use Supersonic!"

Ledyba shrieked louder than the humans could hear, making the closest Mareep afraid and confused. They started running into each other. But one of them seemed unaffected so far. It stepped up in front of the others, looking like some kind of a leader, even though it was pretty small. Maybe it wasn't a leader, it was just gutsy. Funny, Selma seemed to get a lot of that lately from pokémon.

The Mareep growled intimidatingly, and Ledyba seemed to instinctively back off a little in the air.

"Don't listen to that, it's only trying to scare you! But you are stronger than that!" Selma called out to Ledyba, who stared more intently at the Mareep to show it wasn't afraid. The Mareep growled again, however, and affected Ledyba over again.

"Start attacking it before Ledyba becomes too uneasy to move!" Flynn said behind Selma.

"Ledyba, come in for a Tackle!"

Ledyba dove towards the Mareep, but the sheep was quick and met it with a tackle of its own. The two pokémon collided and bounced back without having been harmed much. The Mareep's head seemed though, but so were Ledyba's scales.

"Again! Move close!" Selma ordered. Ledyba came around and whipped up another tackle with speed. Mareep growled at the bug as it was coming towards the sheep on the ground.

"Damn it," Selma said. This would surely make Ledyba twitch and lose speed. Wait. "Ledyba, switch to Comet Punch! Now!"

Ledyba heard the order, thankfully, and used the speed she still had from the Tackle to give extra power to her punches. She gave several to the Mareep's belly as she flew past the sheep instead of crashing into it. Then she turned quickly and gave it some more punches.

"Ledyba's Comet Punch is really fantastic," Flynn said and corrected his glasses to look closer at the pokémon battling.

"Yeah, it's great!"

But then, Mareep growled again and Ledyba backed off, landing on the ground. Mareep took the chance and jumped at the bug for a tackle. It hit hard and Ledyba tumbled backwards. Mareep gave her no chance to get up before another Tackle came.

"It's tedious! A dangerous opponent," Flynn commented.

"Ledyba! Are you ok?" Selma said and ran forward to check on the bug. But Mareep's fur started sparkling with electrical energy when the girl got close.

"It doesn't want you to step into the battle..." Flynn said, reaching out a hand to motion for Selma to step back again.

"Argh... alright..."

Ledyba got up, though. Her face was rather blank. Clearly, she wasn't the one to show emotion or express feelings very often. Mareep however, was looking angry. And it was panting. The Comet Punch had hurt it, apparently.

"Supersonic, it's tired and may get confused now!" Flynn suggested. Selma uttered the order and Ledyba sent out her shrieking sound waves again. The humans covered their ears just in case, but the Mareep shook its head. It was affected... it was stumbling. It ran forward in another Tackle, but missed Ledyba and ran into a rock, hurting itself again.

"Finish it with a Tackle!" Selma called out to Ledyba, who was still on the ground. "Uh... if you think you can manage?" she added a bit worriedly.

Ledyba turned her head to look at Selma, and actually seemed to smile for once. Maybe it felt victory was near. She launched the tackle on Mareep, who fainted from the impact. Selma cheered, Flynn smiled contentedly and Ledyba soared up in the air to see what Selma would do next. Maybe something similar to what had happened to her yesterday?

Indeed, Selma took up an empty pokéball from the designated pocket she now had, and threw it at Mareep, who were sucked in. The ball rocked for a few seconds...

"I told you we would win our next battle," Selma said to Ledyba above. Ledyba's face was blank again... but she was flying around, content.


@ Charm - I like my characters 8D mehehe. Even though Flynn acts like Brock and looks almost like Max, lol

- Ledyba grew to lv 11!
- Selma caught a Mareep! (lv 8 Female)

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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