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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

((Edit: Hey third page! Wh00t!!))

Stella Marino and Keitaro Kimura
Shade of Vision; Non-Alt
Castelia City
Affected RPers: Sabi and Winter

The illusions were gone. Stella smiled and relaxed, letting her mind snap back into its normal state like a rubber band. Well, that had been funa and interesting, but now she had had another problem on her hands: yelling. Stella hated yelling and raised voices in general. It was unbecoming to yell and lose control of your temper, or so she had been brought up to believe. She listened to the girl with the Gallade(Aki, she told herself) rant and simply adjusted her gloves and hat. She closed her umbrella, since the rain had stopped and she no longer needed to pretend that it was around.

During the girl's berating she noticed the other Alt come back, Lazarus following dutifully behind. The Alt looked around and shouted, "Hey, who's responsible for the Haunter nearly causing me to be tackled fifty feet down into the street?"

Stella was so surprised that she laughed. "Oh Lazarus, did you tackle her? Well done! You can come back now." She waved him forward, and the cackling Hauntar immediately returned to his trainer's side. With two Ghost pokemon on either side of her Stella looked slightly intimidating, although the chilly aura of both pokemon was what really got the attention of others. She patted Lazarus on the head and decided to ask questions later.

Tsubaki bristled under Aki's words. :And would you rather have us go into a fight and have no idea what we're up against?: she demanded angrily, her eyes taking on the slightest glow of pink. Near her, Princess squealed and hid behind Keitaro.

Immediately Keitaro's hand was on her shoulder, rubbing it soothingly. "Calm down, Tsubaki," he said gently. He seemed unruffled by Aki's comment and was actually smiling. He adjusted his glasses again, since they were about to fall off for a second time. "May I ask though: if your identities are suppossed to be such a big secret then why were illusions running around in the first place?"

"Who cares anyway?" Stella intervened, frowning. "You people don't know me, I don't know you and I don't care. So what if I'm an illusionist, I will do with it what I shall."

((Basically just gave you both of their viewpoints right there XDDD ))

Rai and Sora Hayabusa
Envoys of Taste and Smell
Nimbasa City
Affected RPers: Winter (Lati and Moonlight are still there, but I'm talking specifically to Winter here.)

The twins winced as the girl broke past their barriers to talk to them mentally. They had gotten a much stronger reaction than they thought. Sora nearly dropped an apple (but he managed to catch it, no need to attract attention after all) and Rai's face softened as he listened to her story. When she came to the end all of hardness and left his eyes and was replaced with a deep pity.

:Oh you poor thing,: he said, reaching out and giving her hair an affectionate ruffle. :What a hell that must be. No one around to teach you? We can help.:

:Really?: Sora questioned, still having his verbal conversation with his customer. :I mean not to bring your hopes down or anything, but we kinda naturally had ourselves shielded. Our bond was always turned more to each other, and we only heard someone's thoughts if they were thinking particularly loud.:

Rai nodded slightly. :Yes, that is true, but we also have had some psychics in our family as well. We come from a line of illusionsts: the Hayabusa family. I am Rai Hayabusa and that's my brother Sora. Illusionry is a type of psychic power, so sometimes we got psychics in the line instead of illusionsts; we happen to be both. We can trach you how to shield yourself, if you wish.:
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