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Default Re: ~Selly vs Foxamivalth~



Ability: Levitate
Health: 92%
Energy: 93%
Moves: Hypnosis~Dream Eater/Hypnosis
Condition: +1 SPATK, +1 SPDEF


[-] Piplup (M)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Whirlpool~Scald

The moon pokemon moved first, trying its cheap sleep-hax. Its eyes glowed red as it possessed the little penguin chick, turning its eyes red as well. Invisible hypnotic waves traveled through the forest, putting everyone to sleep…except Piplup. Lunatone had completely missed the water type, accidently forcing both the referee and its own trainer to sleep. It mentally slapped itself for its stupidity, vowing to be more accurate with its powers next time.
(-3% Energy)
Piplup laughed at the attempt at an attack. Sure he had red eyes for a while, but what did that do? Scare off the ladies? He stifled another fit of laughter, then prepared his own move. His beak began to glow a bright blue as he raised his arms, and when he opened his mouth a rush of water came out. It appeared to be a tornado made of water, and spun violently as Piplup balanced it. With a flick of his cerulean beak, he threw the enormous mass of water into Lunatone. It struck it directly, pounding Lunatone into a nearby tree. Although it picked itself back up, it was still trapped in the large vortex; this move would cause damage for quite a while.
(-5% Health, -3% Energy)
Lunatone, although it was trapped, still had a plan. It tried its move again, yet again forming the red eyes on both itself and Piplup. Adding extra concentration, it sent out its psychic waves yet again. This time, however, they almost hit their target. Just as they were about to strike the little penguin chick, an invisible shield appeared in from of them. The ref called a foul; "The sleep condition has been blocked for this battle; this move is illegal."
(-3 Energy)
Piplup mimicked his opponent, sending "invisible waves". He then became serious and started to prepare his move. His mouth glowed as he prepared a steaming burst of hot water. When it became too hot for him to hold in, he took a deep breath and launched it at Lunatone. It was a direct hit, hitting with more force because of its type advantage. Piplup jumped in the air, liking where this battle was going. He grew even happier as the whirlpool surrounded the moon pokemon, suffering great damage.
(-10% Health, -6% Health,-11% Energy.)

Ability: Levitate
Health: 71%
Energy: 87%
Mood: Miserable. Stuck in Whirlpool for one more round.
Condition: +1 SPATK, +1 SPDEF


[-] Piplup (M)
Ability: Torrent
Health: 100%
Energy: 86%
Mood: Feeling good, just a bit tired.

Referee Notes
Hypnosis's accuracy roll was 94, with 1-60 hitting.
Whirlpool's accuracy roll was 24, with 1-85 hitting.
Whirlpool's crit roll was 5722, with 1-625 hitting.
Hypnosis's accuracy roll was 16, with 1-60 hitting.
Whirlpool's effect roll was 6, with 6+ being 2 rounds.
Scald's accuracy roll was 35, with 1-100 hitting.
Scald's crit roll was 1356, with 1-625 hitting.
Arena roll was 89; round applied normally.


Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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