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Default Re: ~Selly vs Foxamivalth~


Ability: Levitate
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Calm Mind~Psychic


[-] Chansey (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 52%
Energy: 22%
Moves: Ice Beam~Ice Beam [+1 EVA, -1 SATK]

This time, the spirits were not as happy. Putting their heads together, they came up with a way to mess with the battlers; each time they attacked, the one that got hit would lose 3 additional hit points. They were so smart.

Lunatone was ready to battle. It was feeling fresh, while its opponent had really faced the heat of battle. Even so, its trainer decided to set up. Concentrating on making itself more powerful, Lunatone floated in the air and began to glow. It strengthened its mind as it focused, calming its spirit to make it the ultimate pokemon. The glow broke as it snapped back into consciousness, ready to kick some pink butt.
(+1SPATK, +1SPDEF, -4% Energy)

Chansey was appalled at the seemingly stupid actions of her opponent. “Really? You’re gonna sit there and “calm your soul”? Let’s see how that works when I hit you.” She prepared her attack, a beam of ice that would penetrate that dumb ol’ moon and get rid of it before she left. A ball of blue energy grew in her hands, and when it was about the size of a soccer ball she let it fly. The beam consisted of two crisscrossing lines of icy cold, and it pounded into Lunatone at a fast pace. Although it did push Lunatone back, it didn’t look like it hurt too much. The spirits chose that time to strike, sapping energy from Lunatone.
(-8% Damage, -16% Energy)
It was Lunatone’s turn to laugh. Chansey had ridiculed him, then used this? Hahaha. It then remembered what it had to do, charging up its psychic energies. Its eyes glowed blue as it lifted the helpless nurse pokemon into the air. Lunatone chuckled, toying with its foe. Chansey flew up and down, back and forth, and any other direction possible. After quickly getting bored of the game, it simply let go. Chansey plummeted to the ground, taking some, but not much damage. However, the spirits returned, taking their traditional 3 health from Chansey.

(-7% Health, -7% Energy)
Chansey snarled, her face contorted with anger. Although she was tired, she would not stop! Her trademark blue orb of pain was created between her hands, but she noticed something was different this time. It seemed…smaller. She struggled to simply keep the ball up; she used up all her might, but simply could not hold it up. She fell, totally knocked out. Lunatone smiled, happy with the game so far.
(Chansey ran outta energy. xD)

End of Round

Ability: Levitate
Health: 92%
Energy: 93%
Mood: Feelin’ good. (+1 SPATK, +1 SPDEF)


[-] Chansey (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 45%
Energy: 0%
Status: Knocked out

Referee Notes
Ice Beam’s accuracy roll was 21, with 1-100 hitting.
Ice Beam Crit Roll was 6315, with 1-625 working.
Psychic’s accuracy roll was 46, with 1-75 hitting.
Psychic’s Crit roll was 2463, with 1-625 being a crit.
Arena roll was 20; each took 3 more damage.
Foxamivalth, your next Pokemon + orders please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!