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Default Re: ~Selly vs Foxamivalth~


[-] Kricketot (F)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 25%
Energy: 82%
Status: Anxious.


[-] Chansey (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 55%
Energy: 44%
Status: Still confident, but also tired and annoyed. [+1 EVA, -1 SATK]

The dark spirits seemed to try and frighten the two foes, but they were not fazed. Although the jungle was a scary place to be, the two Pokemon had more important things to worry about.

Since Chansey had been told to wait, Kricketot went and performed her move. Her mouth opened, and her little teeth grew long and sharp. Glowing white, she ran forward and grabbed onto Chanseyís body. Holding on with her fangs, she gnawed all over the little pink pokemon. She dragged her head back and forth, piercing skin every time she bit. As she did so, her body was covered in a light green aura. Her ability, Swarm, was increasing the power of each bite. After she was done, Chansey shook herself off. She didnít appear to be too harmed; they had looked more painful than they really were.
(-3% Damage, -6% Energy)

After checking her brain for her trainerís command, she remembered what she had to do. Her mouth opened as a huge ball of flame developed. After letting it grow, it began to form a 5 pointed star. Chansey spit the flames out of her mouth, creating the Japanese kanji for big. (大)She released it, hitting Kricketot head on. The powerful blast had knocked Kricketot out, who was unconscious, no longer able to battle. Foxamivalth high fived his Chansey as Selly reached in her belt for another pokeball.
(-26% Damage, -22% Energy)

End of Round

[-] Kricketot (F)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 0
Energy: 76%
Status: Knocked out

[-] Chansey (F)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: 52%
Energy: 22%
Status: Happy, but getting tired and annoyed. [+1 EVA, -1 SATK]

Referee Notes
Bug Biteís accuracy roll was 68, with 1-100 hitting.
Bug Biteís Crit Roll was 2208, with 1-625 working.
Fire Blastís accuracy roll was 46, with 1-100 hitting.
Fire Blastís Crit roll was 2307, with 1-625 being a crit.
No Burn roll.
Arena roll was 94; round applied normally.
Selly, your next Pokemon + orders please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!