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Default Re: Riot in London?

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
They were armed police. They were following some guy who was a known drug abuser and stuff, getting ready to arrest him. Apparently, he attempted to shoot at the police, so they open fired back and shot him. That's what they allegedly started out as.

Now, it's just people jumping on the bandwagon.
But if he was shotting at the police then I don't get why people would got so pissed off?
Has the police in London never had to shoot anyone or?

Also if anyones is taking part in these riots, I desperately need a new phone and a ipod, wouldn't hurt to have both in one.. ;D <------(I'M kidding with the statement in front!!, but it is true that I don't have a Ipod and my phone is falling apart xD)

Also, I heard some girls saying in a interview that they were getting revenges on the rich.. Hello wtf is wrong with them, not all store owners are rich, a local business owner is not rich, he uses the money made by the store to run it and if he is lucky he gets a minimal - to medium paycheck at the end of the month if the store can afford it.

It must be a bliss to be that stupid, and if they wanted to trash stores of rich peoples they should have targeted out apple stores and those multi corporate international tech selling stores..

Anyway I see no purpose in going all berserk over a gun shot on a man that was shooting at police (if that is the case), a peaceful protest is fine with me, a heated protest is ok, but a full blown riot, that's just stupid (Unless your there and there is unmugged apple store next to you, then it seams like a good idea in the heat of the moment but isn't)
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