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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 30
Part 2, Confusion bites... no,scratchs...

With Shinx in hand, the duo continued their trek along the narrow path. Summer was uneasy about calling her newest Pokémon out quite yet. It had appeared to be in really bad shape when caught, and the girl figured leaving it rest for a little while might be best for now. After a while, her curiosity managed to get the better of her, and she finally released the small lion-like creature. The blast of light against the foggy backdrop made a nice contrast as the Pokéball unleashed Shinx.

“Shi…” it cried, still purple to the face. Remembering that poison lingered on after a battle, Summer quickly reached into her satchel, eventually finding the spray bottle. It didn’t look hard to serve, although the blue and black Pokémon wanted nothing to do with it. Some heavy convincing was in order before it would even consider ingesting the bizarre fluid. Eventually, Mint ended up taking a small dose to prove the medicine wasn’t harmful. Noticing Chikorita was fine a few minutes later, Shinx finally agreed.

It didn’t take long for the antidote to work its magic. The electric type’s face soon returned to normal, and it appeared much healthier. However, the Pokémon still seemed uneasy, eyeing these strangers nervously.

“I-I’m Summer and this,” she started, then shifted her attention to her started, “is Mint.” Excited to meet a new friend, she jumped up a few times. Shinx didn’t seem any more comfortable, despite the introductions. It simply sighed, looking at the ground bellow. “D-don’t be sad, we’re going to have a great time,” the girl tried her best to cheer the lion cub up a little, but wasn’t meeting much success.

“Inx,” it mumbled, not moving its head any. Wanting to know more about the new team member, Summer drew her Pokédex once again. So… she was female and knew the attacks tackle and leer.

“Chik!” Mint tried to strike up a conversation with the electric type, but had no success in doing so. She was only met with sad stares, and eventually gave up. Summer really didn’t know what else to do…

Until she heard the Pokémon’s stomach growling. It then made sense to her why Shinx had charged for the apples like it had at the end of the fight, and could even explain why they were attacked in the first place.

“W-want a granola bar? “ she asked, pulling out a berry flavoured bar from her satchel and unwrapped it. Seeing this simple item of food forced the hungry creature’s mouth the water as she nodded slightly. Unlike before, where it needed the medicine checked, the lion cub simply stuffed her face once the item was placed on the ground. Summer ended up feeding her a second, which was consumed just as fast. Now, Shinx looked better, although still seemed downcast for some reason.

The teenager left her outside, hoping Mint’s cheer might rub off on it. In the meanwhile she continued to watch for hazards while thinking of a good nickname for the electric type.
Finally, the trio made it to a small opening, the tall grass absent from the right side. There, Summer managed to spot a large ladybug, which simply returned the girl’s stare. Mint, who’d also noticed the insect, drew closer, wanting to get a clearer look in. However, like Scout, it interpreted this as an act of aggression and charged the grass type. After ordering a successful dodge, the brunette checked her Pokédex.

“Ledyba , the Five Star Pokémon. It is timid and clusters together with others. The fluid secreted by its feet indicates its location.” Well, this one wasn’t too shy…

Realising both Mint and Shinx had both battled recently, Summer decided to go with her Sentret.

“Go, Scout,” she called finding and tossing the rodent’s Pokéball. “Use scratch!”
Nodding, the brown Pokémon charged at the Ledyba, who was too shocked from the swap to dodge in time and was hit dead on. Shaking its head, the bug type charged forward, using the attack Summer recognised as tackle. Not requiring any orders, the brown Pokémon jumped out of the way, with plenty of time to spare. Compared to Mint, this thing was slow.

The brunette, however, remained cautious. She’s never seen this Pokémon in battle before, and didn’t know its other attacks. Or really, anything else for that matter.

“Scratch again,” the girl ordered, and drawing his claws, Scout made a pass for the lady bug. In defence, it tried to avoid the blow, but moved too slowly and Sentret was able to follow its movement enough to deliver the punishment.

Things were actually looking good for them, nothing the bug seemed to do worked for it. Still, Summer stayed weary, despite how well this was going.

“Another scratch,” she called, and, readying the attack once again, the rodent leapt for it. However, before it could execute the move, Ledyba released a bizarre noise. The frequency was high enough to give the girl and her Chikorita a dizzying headache. However, to Scout who was so close, this had a far worse side-effect. Rattled by that sound, he withdrew his claws and landed on the ground, looking around. “W-wha?” Summer was a little confused, what was he doing?

Little did she know her Pokémon was even more puzzled then she was. “Scratch it,” she ordered, and was shocked when he turned to Mint and tried to strike her instead. Luckily, she was far enough to avoid the attack in time, leaving the Sentret even more dazzled.
It required another Pokédex check, but Summer was able to pinpoint what had happened. Supersonic… an attack that could confuse…

Luckily for her, in the time it had taken her to use the gizmo, Ledyba had only really attacked once, the rest of the time, it laughed at Scout’s antics. He was now dangling from a tree via his tail, and showed no signs of recovering anytime soon. Summer considered recalling him, but decided it would be best if they figured out how to work this out. She would soon regret her tactics, as her order to scratch the foe only resulted in three ugly lines scarring the rodent’s face. Taking a break from the laughing fit, the insect got another tackle in, which sent Sentret flying back in a tree.

Luckily, the impact managed to snap him out of the puzzled state. Noticing his movement return to normal, Summer knew she had to end this before Ledyba tried the attack again. However, before she could really reflect, the foe came in for another hit. M-maybe the girl could warp this to her advantage…

“W-wait until it gets closer,” she called, hoping her idea might work. Giving his trainer a weird look, Scout nodded, turning back at the oncoming lady bug. “N-now use scratch,”
Using the short distance between them, the rodent quickly drew its claws and smacked the opponent head on. The speed it had built only served against it, and, having been rattled enough, the bug decided to fly away.

That could have been worse, Summer realised, and after congratulating her Pokémon, called him back into his Pokéball for a well earned rest.

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