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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [RP]

(A short transition, but...Very forbidding, no? And I'm reviving the thread. Also...I swear amidst is a word, despite what Google Chrome is telling me >.> )

Twisted Tornadic Terror
The Armada
En Route to Fort Aer
Affected RPers: None

Not being able to perform stunts was boring. It was like, super horribly boring with the most lackluster view ever. Ocean, ocean, more ocean...It scrolled beneath her in endless waves (HA! She made a joke...) and became a mere blue blur that glimmered beneath the fading light. Sure, the sun was setting, a fiery orb that could never be tamed...But she knew she was beginning to cross the realm of believable to unbelievable.

In other words, the Ending World.

She was one of the few ships willing to transport humans to Lamentur Vail, unafraid of the rocks that could not be seen or the voices that could not be unheard. She felt sad for those that screamed forever, yet an eerie feeling of unease and familiarity always covered her whenever she heard them. It irked her that she didn't understand why, and it pursued her relentlessly, even into her dreams.

And in her dreams, horrors became reality. Darkness threatened to smother her within them, tendrils of nothing wrapping around her metallic frame which turned to rust at the touch...Before it became something else. The pain she endured during these nightmares was incredible, as if every part of her being, her soul and even the fibers that allowed her to feel, were dipped within fire. The torturous sounds of metal shaping into something unnatural...It drove her mad.

Just when the final glob of darkness would overcome her eye, however, she awoke. Every single time, she woke up ready to flail and crush whoever was in front of her, and if not for her realization she was safely docked in a lit area, she surely would have. And speaking of lights, Fort Aer was quickly coming into sight, a speck of heavenly construct amidst the eerie black behind it.

Even as she began to call forward to request a docking bay as well as for repairs, she couldn't help but wonder what would happen if the Ending World enveloped her home.

Or if the nothing finally obscured her vision in her dreams...
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