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@ sammy - don't worry 2 days is nuthin :3 I want a Mareep too!

- Athena (Hoothoot) grew to lv 6!
- Sam caught a Mareep! (lv 7 Female)

@ Master Zorua - really amusing post ^^ Robert and Flare's friendship is gonna be fun to read about.

- Flare (Cyndaquil) grew to lv 8!

@ Eternal Moonlight - Nicely written about the weather and the setting :) And usually you won't get to choose the gender for the pokémon you catch, but this time you were lucky ;)

- Mint (Chikorita) grew to lv 11!
- Summer caught a Shinx! (lv 8 Female)


Selma, Route 30

Selma and the others had gone back to the pokémon center in Cherrygrove to heal the newly caught Ledyba after the last events. Nicole wasn't too happy; she wanted to battle Selma right now! But Flynn gave her a mean look and she soon shut up.

Inside the pokémon center, it was unusually non-crowded. "Maybe you should check your new pokémon out?" Flynn suggested.

"Sounds like a plan!" Selma happily said and let the Ledyba out. The pokémon had recovered in the care of the pokémon center rather quickly. Now it came out in a flash of white light and sat on the ground blinking at Selma.

"Hello," its trainer said. "I'm your trainer now. You were really good at battling, but with my help, you'll become even better!"

Ledyba leaned its head to the side as if it was considering an offer.

"YES," Nicole suddenly said from behind them all and made them jump. "We will battle it. Me and Leds will battle your new Ledyba!"

"Uh... but I just caught it. Do you think it's ready for another battle already?" Selma said, a bit unsure.

Leds the ledyba floated up to the new Ledyba on the floor. He talked a little to it, but it turned its head away. Leds seemed a bit unhappy but still eager to talk to it again.

"Hm, I think your Ledyba is a girl," Flynn said to Selma.

"How come?"

"Leds seems to want to impress her."

"Let him impress her by battling her!" Nicole shouted and jumped up and down to get attention.

Selma turned to Ledyba, who met her stare. "What do you say?" she asked the bug.

Ledyba nodded with a "Ledybaa!" She clearly didn't have anything against another battle already.

"But remember, we've gotta battle in their home territory: Route 30!" Nicole said and set off again. Selma and Flynn sighed and followed her, Selma returning Ledyba into her pokéball again.

When they were out on route 30 again, Nicole found a good spot where the fog wasn't as thick and the grass was rather plain, although there were some large rocks and boulders here and there.

"Let's begin!" Nicole said and motioned for Leds to take the stage.

"Alright. Ledyba, shine!" Selma called out and let the pokéball fly. Ledyba came out and fluttered its wings to become airborne.

"This will be epic!" Nicole said, burstling with energy like a little girl who had just been promised a new barbie doll. "I start!"

Flynn sighed. "I'll just... stand over here," he said and sat down on a rock some ways away.

Nicole's eyes sparkled and Selma's gleamed. Both girls loved to battle, clearly, Flynn thought.

Nicole did start. "Leds, use Supersonic!"

"A change of tactics, eh?" Selma commented. "Use your own, Ledyba!" she ordered her new pokémon. Ledyba wasn't very well trained thought and wasn't as quick as Leds was. His sonic waves hit before she could start her attack. She whimpered and started flying in uncontrolled circles.

"Darn it!" Selma said through clenched teeth.

"Now, Comet punch!" Nicole said, smiling eagerly. Leds came in for the attack and hit Ledyba with many swift punches.

Ledyba managed to squirm away from Leds and almost crashed into the ground before she seemed to regain her senses.

"Ledyba, are you ok?" Selma asked. She got a confused look in reply. "Don't worry, the battle has just started! We'll make our comeback now!" Selma said.

Flynn couldn't help feeling it was all a bit cheesy... but then again, Selma did seem like the cheesy type sometimes. It was just her way.

Ledyba now nodded and flew back up into the air, towards Leds. "Use Tackle!" Selma ordered, and Ledyba accumulated more speed until she...

"Dodge it!" Nicole shouted, and Leds managed to focus enough to avoid the Tackle. Ledyba shot up towards the sky instead of impacting him.

"Now, Comet Punch again!" the younger trainer said.

"Dodge it!" Selma repeated. Ledyba now showed that she was rather quick after all, she just wasn't used to people commanding her what to do. She managed to dodge the slightly heavier Leds' punches by diving down.

"Aim it downwards! We've got the upper hand now!" Nicole said, still happy and feisty.

Selma thought hard. Ledyba was beneath the other bug, who was turning downwards just about... now.

"Supersonic, now, Ledyba! QUICK!" Selma called out. Ledyba hurried a bit more this time and sent out the supersonic waves before Leds' Comet Punch reached down to her. The soundwaves hit him hard and made him lose control. He accidentally punched himself in the face.

"Great!" Selma said.

"What!" Nicole said.

"Cool," Flynn said.

Selma laughed, excitedly. "Now's our chance to hit him. Use Tackle upwards!"

Ledyba was getting into the spirit as well. She tackled Leds on her way up, then she turned and saw that he was starting to regain his senses.

"Tackle again!" her trainer shouted, and she spilled no time in turning around and diving down to give him another Tackle, powered by gravity as well.

"No! Leds!"

Selma was getting so into the battle so she nearly didn't see Flynn waving to her from his rock... he was shaking his head and making signs to tell her to stop... oh... right.

"Good job, Ledyba, you are really great!" Selma said. Ledyba paused to look at her trainer and felt that maybe it wasn't so bad to not be a wild pokémon after all. She got distracted. And-

Comet punches suddenly hit Ledyba hard, as she hadn't seen them coming. She had to shake her head and force away the pain to see where her enemy was, when the punches finally stopped. Then she was tackled, and thrown down to the ground. Her bug body was pounding. Ouch.

"Looks like Ledyba is hurt," Flynn's voice came. "But Leds is still rather ok. This means that Nicole wins the battle!"

Selma let out a breath as the younger girl cheered and jumped up and down, hugging her champion bug. She had nearly forgotten, in the heat of the battle, to let the other girl win. It had been worth it... or had it? Ledyba was getting up from the ground, looking hurt in more than one way.

"Ledyba, you were so great. For our first battle! We'll get you fixed up and then we'll travel together. We're partners now. The next battle we make, we'll win."

Their eyes met, and Ledyba fainted in the arms of her trainer.


@ Charm

- Ledyba grew to lv 9 and learned Comet Punch!

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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