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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Night the Umbreon and Bruce the Hitmonlee
In Pokemon Prison

Night ran up the stairs wondering when they would end. Finally he got to the top and saw 2 kadabra guarding Bruce's cell. " Psychic types this shouldn't be hard." Nigh tthought. He shot a shadow ball down the stairs and hid in the shadows. The kadabra ran downstairs past Night just as he planned. He ran up to Bruce's cell and started opening his cell. "Night is that you? I knew you would come." said Bruce.
"Thanks, but those kadabra will come back soon. Here let me help you up. Night said. As soon as Night touched Bruce he regained his colour, but before they could celebrate the 2 kadabra came back.
" How did you get free!?" they said in unision" We will put an end to you both." they used psychic on Night but nothing happend.
" Haha, psychic doesn't work on dark" Night teased. He launched a shadow ball at the first kadabra with success and it staggerd back and it almost fell down the stairs. Bruce used Blaze Kick on the second one, but missed and for some reason he felt tired. The 1st one used Psychic on Bruce and launched him to the wall. He fainted. " Bruce!" Night exclaimed furiously " I've been saving this move!" He used retaliate on the 1st kadabra and shadow ball on the 2nd one. They both fainted. Night ran to Bruce and revived him.
" Night you've grown and I want to get back my Dojo. So, can I join your team?" Bruce asked hopefully.
" I'd be insulted if you didn't." Night said and he felt happy. " Come they probably need our help downstairs."

(OCC: Sorry I haven't been on lately)
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