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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Cave near team one

Ryan just lays there, glowing a red to keep himself warm in the freezing cave. after a while, he begins to fall asleep, then he hears a few people outside the cave.
"hey Guys wait up i can't go as fast as some of you can!" went a voice, then it was much closer after a bit. "Hey guys what gives why aren't we going into there?"
He sees a group of pokemon at the mouth of the cave then looks at them.
"Who dares enter the Domain of My Only Place to remember my friend." Ryan said harshly, his teeth ignigte into flames, but then they settle down.
"i'm sorry... i've been hostile for as long as my best friend has been gone... do you know a eevee by the name of nova?"
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