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Default RMT Forum Rules Thread READ BEFORE POSTING

Standard PE2K Rules Apply: These rules are forum wide, this sub forum is no exception. A full list can be found here.
Competitive Battling Only: This forum is intended for the discussion of competitively built player vs player teams. Please keep discussion of your in-game teams to that game's respective sub forum.
Consult the "How to write an RMT" thread before posting: This thread dictates what should and should not be included in a thread. This thread can be found here.
Ensure responses are constructive and relevant: As nice as it is of you to come in and tell somebody how awesome their team is, it doesn't actually help them, which is what they're here for. Simply rating their team out of 10 is equally useless. Please keep comments to constructive criticism, and ensure you provide justification for any suggestions you make.
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