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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 30
Part 1, A not so pleasant greeting

It had been a good ten minutes since Summer and her starter had left Cherrygrove, slowly continuing their journey. Here, the weather here was downcast, almost as if it wanted to rain, but hadn’t yet. The thick fog hanging in the air did nothing to brighten the mood, if anything, it made things worse. Visibility was of course down, making sightseeing near impossible. Despite the concern this brought to the brunette, it wasn’t what bothered her most about Route 30. This honour instead went to the chillier weather, which would occasionally draw a shiver or two from the girl. She was of course used to a much warmer, sunnier climate, and wished a sweater had been purchased back in town. For a few moments, she contemplated returning to buy one, but opted against it.

This route was also rougher then the last, sporting many more ups and downs, which, without long range sight, made it more dangerous. From what Summer had noticed, tall grass seemed to line the path, which itself snaked around often. She made sure to watch for wild Pokémon, although spotting them was a little difficult.

Mint didn’t seem too fazed by the change in terrain. By instruction, she hopped a little slower and stayed closer to her trainer. Her attention would sometimes be grabbed by rusting from the grass, although she never tried to investigate. The fog might have cut her impulse a notch or two, much to the teenager’s relief. Metaphorically, she had her hands full trying to watch for hazards within her limited visual range.

Things, however, went rather smoothly despite the minor issues. Until, that is, they reached their first encounter with a small patch of forest. Combining both the dense fog and thick foliage resulted in a rather eerie scene. Chikorita, despite growing a little more nervous, didn’t seem too badly affected by her surroundings. It wasn’t a far stretch to claim Summer had the creeps, and would flinch at the slightest noise. To her, this was something right out of a horror movie, which she could never sit through.

“M-mint?” she would often call softly, and would feel a little better when a response was given. This comfort, however, would quickly fade. Missing a tree branch poking from the right, the girl was met with a terrible fright went the limb poked her shoulder. Shrieking, she raced forward, passing her starter in a few moments, but didn’t get too far before tripping over an ill placed rock on the path.

“Chika!” Mint exclaimed as her trainer moaned a little, slowly pulling herself up again. She was a little stunned, and despite feeling sore, was otherwise fine.

“I-I-I’m okay,” Summer managed, dusting her dress off. “B-but… what was t-t-that?” she asked, feeling her heart raced once more.

“Ka!” The grass type stated, pointing up at a branch, which swung in the slight breeze.
“Oh…” the brunette replied sheepishly. She would have to be more careful next time; fear would have to be tamed. Easier thought then done, however. The rest of these woods were trekked with much uneasiness, and exiting was met with open arms. Sighing in relief, Summer decided it would be good to break for a small bit.

Finding a single tree off to the side of the road, the duo sat down, and was met with damp grass. However, it didn’t take long to adjust, and the teenager pulled two leftover apples from yesterday. Much to their delight, the fruit was still delicious, and made for a great snack. Little did either of them know, they had an uninvited picnic guest.

Hungry, a Pokémon watched two travelers eating bright, ripe apples. She hadn’t eaten in about a day, and was eager to have breakfast. All they needed to do was put the pommes down, and then it was sticking time. However after some further observing, the red spheres were quickly being reduced to cores, and neither of the newcomers seemed like they were going to pause anytime soon. Reluctantly, she realised plan B was in order…
“G-good thing we kept some of these,” Summer stated, before licking some of the juice from her lips. Mint simply nodded before taking another bite. These were A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

The bushes then rustled with vigour, and when the duo turned around, noticed a small blue lion emerge from the fog. It didn’t look too friendly, yellow eyes narrowed.

“Orita!” Mint stepped forward, locking gaze with the unfamiliar creature. Wasting no time, the brunette reached into her satchel, pulling out the Pokédex in hopes of gaining knowledge on this Pokémon.

“Shinx, the Flash Pokémon. The extension and contraction of its muscles generates electricity. Its fur glows when it's in trouble.” Like previous times, the device spoke robotically.

Wasting no more time, the electric type sprung forward, and had an easy hit, sending Mint flying a little. She had seen the attack coming, but didn’t have to time to react.
“A-are you okay?” Summer asked a little concerned. Nodding, Chikorita picked itself up, and eyed her foe, showing no signs of backing down. “U-use razor leaf,”

Mint sprung into the air and, like before, drew her head leaf back and swiftly pulled it forward, release a small barrage of projectiles at the opponent. However, right as they were going to strike, Shinx jumped up, avoiding all but one shot. Wasting no time, it utilised the speed earned from the decent to power up another tackle, which, despite Mint’s dodge attempt, did hit glance her side. Although the grass type wasn’t sent hurling, she did still feel the impact.

Summer bit her lip. Beating this creature would take some thinking. The question still tormented her mind, would she be fast enough?

As the girl thought, Shinx was attempting another pass at Mint. With the command to dodge having been made early enough, she was able to leap out of the way fast enough to avoid any damage. Using this chance to try out her starter’s newest attack, Summer asked for poisonpowder.

Nodding, Chikorita swung her leaf around a few times, conjuring up a small cloud of purple dust. Some of the particles had a slight shine to them, although without any strong light, it was hard to tell how bright it really was. Flapping the leaf like a fan, Mint pushed her attack forward. Eventually, it broke into the air above the Flash Pokémon, encircling it before seemingly vanishing. However, the blue lion soon slowed, coughing a little, which proved the move had worked.

However, the opponent wasn’t about to give in yet. Turning around, it narrowed its yellow eyes, with now glowed eerily. Intimidated, the grass type back up, and her nervousness slowed her down too much to avoid the oncoming tackle. Again, Mint was sent back, but like before, also pulled herself back up.

“Try a-another razor leaf,” Summer called, still utilizing Dana’s tendency to point at her foes. Nodding, Mint created new sharp leaves, and sent them flying in Shinx’s direction. This time, to avoid the blow, it tried to bank toward the side, which ended up proving less efficient than the previous dodge. The blue lion ended up suffering a hit from about half of Chikorita’s shots. When Shinx turned around, the brunette noticed its face going purple, with small bullets of sweat falling from its cheeks.

“Shi!” it shouted, making a despite sprint for the half eaten apples left on the ground. However, the Flash Pokémon failed to anticipate Mint charging from the side, the tackle causing it to go flying, barely missing the tree.

She could feel her blood start to boil, everything hurt so badly. What was happening?! Trying to ignore the pain, the lion cub-like creature pulled herself up. Her paws were shaking; standing was a chore, which was proving harder by the second. Another attack… seemed unlikely to happen. Even… running away, the thought tired her. Hunger and this… bizarre pain… were consuming her. Was… this… the end?

Summer couldn’t help but to take pity on the small Pokémon, whose fur was glowing ever so slightly. Reaching into her bag, she pulled a fresh Pokéball and wasted no time tossing it. Bouncing off the Shinx’s head, it opened and consumed the electric type in a brilliant show off light.
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