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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Shade of Sound
Castelia City
ARPer's: Anyone around the Palpitoad/Seismitoad illusion

I looked around for Shorai, wondering if she was near the illusions going on for who knew that reason. Oh, and yes, I know I've called her a he before, but she is a serious tomboy, and sometimes I forget she's really a girl. Anyway, the Palpitoad and one Seismitoad were really causing a mess, and few people were outside. As I watched them, it seemed that they were trying to make the people go inside. Maybe I was over thinking things but once someone wasn't out in the 'rain', they looked for someone else.

'Whoever is setting this up has to be able to see from somewhere...and it had to be high up.'

I looked around, trying to keep track of the Pokemon causing mayhem hile Sonja acted like they were real. I could see Shorai up on one of the skyscraper windows, pointing in a specific direction. My Galvantula had been trained with me in detecting illusionists, as the electricl nerve patterns were more...dramatic for lack of a better term. She had a feeling of which direction, and I knew only to follow her. I looked a Sonja and called her back into her Pokeball, and as I did, I saw a Shadow Ball attack go sailing past her and into one of the Palpitoad, sending it into an alley way, and out of sight.

'Who the hell was that?'

I turned and saw a girl in typical gothic garb not too far off, also outside trying to fight off the blue amphibians. I ignored her for now, though sensed a bit of deviated perception from her. Maybe it was another Alt, but I knew one thing, and that she wasn't my problem. Actually, this whole thing with the fake Pokemon attack wasn't my problem but again, if it was the thing I've been bugged about, kick it in the ass before it gets up.

"The hell WATCH where you're attacking." I yelled over to the stranger, using my sound illusions to mask it from anyone else. "You can't let ordinary people see them all randomly disappear! Watch it dammit."

I pulled out a Dusk Ball and threw it out, and with a shimmering and deathly roar, a shiny Hydriegon came out. He looked at me respectfully, something I had a damn hard time earning. I jumped on his back and held onto his neck. He looked at the illusionary Pokemon, knowing very well they were fake.

"Follow Shorai, Zhen." I said, pointing to where the shiny Galvantula was.

Zhen roared, swiping at a few more Palpitoad with his tail, and clearly gaining a lot of attention. The Seismitoad was now locked onto us, and I wondered if the illusionist responsible knew we were looking for them, or was just pissed off we were screwing up his show. Hell if they waned to follow, they sure as hell could. Keeping illusions away from real eyes that was something to do. I wanted to keep my freedom and not be pryed about my powers.

The only one I didn't want following right now, were any human beings. Socialness was not my forte and I was never one for the corrupt ways of society.

Been there, done that thanks.
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