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Default Re: [ADVENTURE] Suvaty: A Tropical Challenge

Route 1

Robert gave the Orron member a talk-off. Avalon suddenly hoped that Robert's physical appearance wasn't for show. Avalon despised not being able to back your promises.

Then he said a taste of your own medicine...Take one of his Pokemon...

Avalon thought it in his head: "Robert, do it and I'll kill you."

He would. He had never stolen a Pokemon from anyone but an owner that was without a shadow of a doubt abusive. What if the only Pokemon he had was a treasured companion, and not the grade-d brainwashed Pokemon the likes of Team Plasma and others had gathered?

Of course, as always, his lying ability is unmatched. Sure, when no tension is immediatly present, he's so overjoyed that he can't even give a good conversation-but when the going get's tough, Avalon's tough gets going far faster. Avalon's face had remained as it always had been through the whole scene-stone cold.
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