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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

OOC: Sorry I haven't posted in two days
And that this is a fairly sucky post.

Sam Sage, Route 30

The morning was overcast and cool, but it had yet to rain, yet. It may have been the weather, but Sam felt that Route 30 was rougher, somehow less happy than Route 29. Still she walked along the winding road, seeming not to mind. While Solir, it seemed, was always sad, Athena seemed to have been depressed by the weather.

Sam noticed this and said, “It’s not so bad Athena. A little rain never hurt anyone. Though it does seem to have chased most of the Pokemon away.” Sam had yet to see a wild Pokemon, and it was unfortunate, as Sam had run into some cool Pokemon on Route 30 in the past. She had one Pokemon in particular in mind.

“Keep an eye out for anything that might be a Pokemon, especially Mareep.” They continued to walk, looking for any sign of life, but soon Sam had all but given up hope. Then she saw a rustling in the tall grass along the side of the road.

Solir and Athena saw it too and stopped, waiting for instructions. Sam tried to creep forward and get a look at the Pokemon, but at the very edge of the road she still couldn’t see, and she didn’t dare step into the grass for fear of chasing away the Pokemon. With barely more than a whisper, she gave Athena instructions.

“Circle around the other side and try to chase it onto the road, alright?” Athena nodded- though how, Sam wasn’t sure as she didn’t seem to be much more than a head- and flew off to the other side, landing in the grass. Though she could not see Athena, Sam heard a series of loud hoots, then a startled yell, and the grass shook furiously as the Pokemon ran towards the road.

The Pokemon burst out of the bushes and a smile spread across Sam’s face. Frozen before her, panicked to see more strangers possibly wanting to hurt it, was a small sheep with a blue face and yellow wool. It was the exact Pokemon she had been looking for, Mareep.

Athena appeared shortly after it. Mareep turned towards her, apparently feeling she was the largest threat. The sheep charged at Athena, who was caught off guard. The owl was pushed to the ground, but still well enough. She rose into the air and screeched at the sheep. “Tackle!” Sam barely finished the word when Athena swooped at Mareep. She knocked the sheep on her side, but it used the momentum to role back onto its feet. It jumped at Athena just as she had begun to rise, knocking her to the dirt. This time the owl stayed on the ground, possibly from fear of being knocked down painfully again. She stood on one foot, the other seemed completely invisible.

“Another Tackle!” Athena ran at her opponent, moving her feet so quickly she still only seemed to have one at a time. She hit Mareep head on. It was knocked back, but held its footing. It looked at Athena, hurt and offended, and let out a small noise that was supposed to be a growl. This was fairly cute, but Sam knew it was a ploy.

“Tackle,” Sam shouted, think it was getting a little repetitive. Athena however, was hesitant to attack. It seemed she had fallen for it. While she hesitated , Mareep jumped at her. Athena was furious she had fallen for the ruse and without the slightest hesitation this time carried herself forward as fast as she could hit Mareep head on with such force that both were knocked back.

“Alright, let’s finish this with Hypnosis.” Athena’s eyes glowed bright red as she concentrated on Mareep, who stared back, unable to look away. Faint red circles came from Athena’s eyes and grew larger as they moved toward Mareep. When the circles hit the sheep, she slumped to the ground, eyes closed, breathing slowed. Sam took this opportunity to throw a Pokeball. Mareep was sucked inside, and it shook.

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