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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ Thunderbolt - there's a nice finished post :D

- Noctus (Hoothoot) grew to lv 7!

@ Eternal Moonlight - I especially enjoyed reading the beginning of the post :) you described the setting very well.

- Mint (Chikorita) grew to lv 9 and may now learn Poisonpowder!

@ Master Zorua - A very short battle, but your explanation sort of makes sense. I like Robert's personality ^^

- Flare (Cyndaquil) grew to lv 6 and learned Smokescreen!
- Robert caught a Starly! (lv 2 Male)

EDIT: Oh, didn't see your last post there, Thunderbolt. I'll read it right now :3

EDIT2: 'K, now I've read it, poor Noctus! Awesomely illustrated battle also.

- Noctus (Hoothoot) grew to lv 8!
- Chris caught a Spinarak! (lv 8 Female)

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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