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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Shadow the Dewott
Inside the Pokemon Prison

I woke up in a daze with a bad headache. I found myself in a prison. What was I doing here. I quickly used my power to form an Ice Punch and I hit the door, didn't work. I then used a Hi Jump Kick, it didn't work but it did give my leg intense pain. I looked around the prison, perharps these were some special bars. What the crap? The bars were colorless. I needed to find a way to get out. Soon a door opened and I saw a Gallade and a what? A colorless Togekiss. What was going on here?

I recognized the Gallade his name was Helix, I heard about his high intellect and how his father banished him for it. But he was a well respected person in the Pokemon Mystery Crew. I now remembered, I was apart of something called the Elite Squad and Helix was in it. They also had some other members. The last thing I could remember was Dialga did something to us.

The Togekiss walked over and used her power to free eveyrone in the room. Quickly I ran over to Helix.

"Helix where are the others", I asked," Where are we as well".
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