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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Lupper the Piplupand Eli the Shinx
Outside the Wooden Fortress

Lupper and Eli looked up as the Black Knight Skarmory came towards them. They began glowing an intense red energetic color as they swooped down with Sky Attack. Lupper jumped into the air and onto of the Skarmory's back. Lupper then conjured up an intense Whirlpool and slammed it into the Skarmory he was on. The Skarmory tumbled into the ground and was knocked out instantly.

Eli ducked out of the way of the Sky Attack then used Roar on the nearest Skarmory. The Skarmory was unsettled by the loud Roar and tumbled to the ground. Eli then finished him off with a wave of electrical energy. The Shock Wave finished that Skarmory out cold. Eli then continued firing Shock Wave at the remaining Black Knight Aerial Army.

Lupper landed safely on the ground then he unleashed an intense blast of Bubblebeam at the remaining Skarmorys. Eli was able to take out two of them with Shock Wave and Lupper took out three with his Bubblebeam.

Lupper then saw a Charmeleon being taken into the sky. The Charmeleon used an intense Flare Blitz to escape the grip off the Skarmory. The Charmeleon was now plummeting rapidly to the ground. "Heeeeelllllllppppp" the Charmeleon said. Lupper needed a way to safely catch the brave fire pokemon. Lupper then fired a ray of blue frozen energy which shaped into a slide that the Charmeleon will slide down to safety. "I hope it works!" Lupper exclaimed.
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