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Default Re: [RP]PMD: Dark Era[RP]

Eli the Shinx and Lupper the Piplup
Nearby Pokemon Prison

(OOC: I am bunnying sealboy's character until he gets back since he'll be gone for two weeks. No one else volunteered so I shall do it.)

Eli saw as Jack did what he did to the Rhyperior and it was the perfect move to take it down. Once Jack told Eli he reluctantly threw the orb into the Rhyperior's mouth. With a huge explosion the Black Knight Rhyperior was sent flying and was blown far away. Eli had done it and he felt self pride. He felt like he was a part of the team.

Lupper then ran towards the team outside of the prison who were dealing with the guards. "Ok guys now its our turn! We must find a way inside the prison to help out Helix and Leif. So everyone search around the fortress to see if their is someway for us to get in! Now go! We must hurry, we don't know if the others are safe!" Lupper exclaimed. He then began scurrying around the fortress to look for some sort of entrance.
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