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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

OOC: Sorry to double-post, but it's easier to make sure everyone sees it rather than edit and have people yell at me for not posting, lol. Anyway...

Aki Shibayama and Haru Aozora
Veil of Touch and Non-Alt
Castelia City

Aki had begun to tune out Haru's profuse apologies, mainly because her attention was being drawn somewhere...else by instinct. Unknown to her, as Rizu walked into the Pokemon Center, her eyes flickered to the spot where the alt had stood before leaving of their own sightless accord. She was beginning to feel the many alt forces suddenly working in the city, one of which had to be a sound alt--she'd discerned that much from the thunder. There was something that just about it. And then there was suddenly lightning, she realized, as more people began to talk about it. The Pokemon Center became flooded with people, all talking about the thunder and lightning that Aki knew to be illusions created by other alternates, whose power she could feel around her, yet not particularly locate beyond the fact they were in Castelia.

"...Hey, are you okay? Miss? Yoohoo, over here..." Aki's head snapped in Haru's direction moodily.

"What?" She asked in exasperation, sightless eyes imitating a perfect glare. She heard Haru step back.

"Okay...that's creepy..." She heard him mumble under his breath before he continued on. "I asked your name." Aki wanted to run away, he was forcing answers from her, it felt. She didn't like personal questions, in fact she hated them and tried to avoid them as much as possible. However, she was saved by the result of a rather odd distraction. Suddenly it sounded like a stampede in the room, people were far more worried all of a sudden, and it had nothing to do with thunder or lightning or rain.

"Somebody stop that Seismitoad!" She heard, yet she didn't feel the rocking of the ground she should have felt through her sandals. Seismitoad were not small pokemon, and the way everyone was reacting to it--it sounded as though it was supposed to be on a rampage. There were more alts on the loose.

"Musei, give me an impression." Aki ordered calmly. Within a moment her Gallade pulled her into his mind, allowing his trainer to see the Pokemon Center in chaos. The ground trembled under his feet, and she could see not only a Seismitoad, but multiple Palpitoad with it. Her alt senses told her it was all an illusion--one that needed to be dealt with quickly.

/Newer alts? I can tell you find it easy to disprove./ Musei asked, Aki shrugged.

"Maybe." She said, kicking off her flip flops almost casually. She would need to see both her way and Musei's way to deal with this, as per usual with any kind of visual illusion. "Hey Elegance, watch those for me, will you?" She requested, and "saw" the Gothorita hop off the bench they had been sitting on. "Ah, it's nice to be free." She mumbled before concentrating hard on the pack of people in front of her, imagining that they would simply feel a slight push that would move the people out of the way as she passed, but as she moved to start for the door, someone grabbed her arm. At the same time she did, Musei turned his head, giving her her first real look at Haru Aozora--Athletic. Blond Hair. Blue eyes. Classic jock-everybody-loves type. She thought, attempting to jerk her arm away. "Hey, hands off!" She snapped, performing her perfect sightless glare once more.

"No, you might not be able to see, but I can--it's dangerous out there." He said, ignoring Vashuka's yowling protests that her trainer be released. Suddenly, his wrist was gripped by a smaller, oddly-shaped pale green one.

/The danger level in here from your grabbing my trainer is greater than what she would face out there./ Musei's threat ripped across both Aki's mind and apparently Haru's, as his eyes widened to the size of saucers, yet he was now to scared to move.

"Oh spare me--I know. I'm blind, not deaf. I can hear everything, and everyone else might be afraid, but I'm not. My team is not to be messed with lightly, as they have quite the resolve to prevent me from coming to harm. I will be fine. Now, let. Me. Go." She growled. As though it were the magic words to a trick, Haru's hand released her arm, and Musei released his wrist.

"Fine, but I'm going with you. I want to do something as well!" Dangit, dangit, dangit!

"Look, stay inside like a good little boy and watch the show, why don't you?" The bitingly sarcastic remark slipped out of Aki's mouth easily, but Haru was not budging.

"I'm going, sorry." Aki's lips twitched towards a snarl before they seemed to change their mind and form a smirk.

"Fine then--see if you can keep up." She turned and started pushing and running, causing more chaos around the two as Aki slipped through the crowd and outside easily, leaving Haru stuck far behind.

Michelle Toya
Veil of Vision

Michelle looked up as she passed a pair of twins performing a street act, and she was subtly alerted to something...else. She got the feeling she was around alts, causing her to stop. After observing the show from a distance and seeing the frenzy the twins seemed to be driving up over food with "odd tastes" and she began to catch thought-voices that sounded exactly like the boys above the frenzied thoughts of the spectators. One of the two--if not both--was a taste alt. Then the thought became more distinct, and she nearly died laughing out loud as she stumbled in on an easily misinterpreted comment made by one of the boys. She wasn't the only one to get it, either, the other pointed it out--much to displeasure of the one it was pointed out to. Apparently the one on the bottom was the taste alt, but what interested Michelle more than the fact they were alts was the fact they were using human-to-human, direct telepathy, which utterly astounded her. Her telepathy refused to be narrowed down or "turned off" enough for her to live a happy life, and these boys who could communicate with each other. She quickly squashed the hope of learning how to tone it down to almost nonexistance, not on her own, and she only had Cam to really teach her, and it was natural instinct for Ralts and it's evolutions to be able to control their abilities, so Cam couldn't really explain anyway. Amused, she made her way through the crowd to the front, drawing out a dollar and dropping it in the cash register set out near the assortment of foods the strange twins had set out. "Interesting sidejob you have here..." The words were barely there and she wondered if the performers could hear her, though wondered how they would react if they did.

Her odd, almond-shaped green eyes scanned the assortment and picked up a chocolate bar. "Could you add a mint taste to this?" She asked politely. She doubted highly that the illusion would work on her as it would the other non-alt humans, but was worth trying. They were creative, she'd give them that. Cam still hung from her shoulders lightly, but lifted an arm to prod her as her trainer unwrapped the bar.

/May I try some?/ Cam asked, Michelle nodded.

"'Course, Cam." She responded, taking a bite and bracing herself.

OOC: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, moody Aki comes out! XD And Miche is amused.

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