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Robert Masters
A New Begining

The sun rose on the horizon as the boat's horn sounded, stirring Robert from his slumber. The boat ride was supposed to be ten days long, and it was day ten from his count. Still, he was taking a huge step in his life. He had rebelled agianst his micro-managing parents and ran away not just to a different city, but a whole different region. He was free of them, and he was free to start his own life the way he wanted.

Robert stepped outside to see the New Bark Town port coming into veiw. The young boy took in a deep breath. True there was no difference in the scent of the sea air, but somehow it felt more invigorating. It smelled like freedom.

As soon as the boat docked, Robert grabbed his backpack and made sure all of his money was accounted for in his wallet. It was certainly more than most other trainers often started with, but it was nothing compared his the rest of the cash that he left behind in his home bank. He was going to need to set up a new bank account in Johto so he wouldn't have to carry it all around in his wallet.

Robert left the boat and followed the directions Professor Birch gave him to the New Bark Town lab. Robert could feel his heart race as he knocked on the door. When the door opened, Robert was looking at a very attractive woman with red hair. "Um..I'm here for my first Pokemon. Professor Birch sent me here, so I believe Professor Pine is expecting me." Robert said in a slightly nervous tone of voice.

Rose smiled and gestured for the boy to come in. "Ah yes, you must be Robert. Come right in." she answered in a rather sweet tone fo voice. Robert stood there for a moment before snapping himself out of his little daydream. "O-of course!" Robert said as he headed into the lab.

Professor Pine walked up to Robert and offered the young boy a smile. "Welcome to the Johto region. I have to say, normally running away from home is discouraged, but given what Birch told me, in your case I think it's the best thing for you." the man spoke before leading Robert to where the Pokeballs were held.

"Normally we have a pretty nice selection of Pokemon, but right now, this is the only one left, unless you want to wait a day or two for an Aipom." The professor spoke before he picked up the Pokeball and released a young female Cyndaquil. "This is Cyndaquil, a fire-type starter Pokemon. Her sibling was taken by another trainer, but I've not heard back from him in some time." Pine spoke.

Robert knelt down and smiled to the little fire Pokemon. "Well, you're pretty cute, aren't ya?" Robert spoke before he remembered a little item Professor Birch gave him when he left Hoenn. Robert took out a Pokeblock dispenser and produced a pokeblock made from a Pecha berry. He had four other Pokeblocks in the dispenser, each one with a different flavor: spicy, sour, bitter and dry. The Cyndaquil sniffed at the block before taking it and eating it.

Robert watched as the Pokemon ate the Pokeblock and then saw the Pokemon's face light up with a bright smile. "Cynda! Quil, quil!" it chirped. Robert smiled and picked the Cyndaquil up, setting her on his shoulder. "Looks like you like it, huh?" Robert asked. The little fire type nodded her head happily.

Professor Pine took a Pokedex and some Pokeballs, handing them to Robert. "Here, you'll need these. The Pokedex will give you information on all of the Pokemon that have been found over the years here in Johto, and you'll be able to capture Pokemon with these Pokeballs. Also, this Pokeball here is Cyndaquil's." Pine spoke. Robert took the Pokeballs, hooking Cyndaquil's Pokeball to the chains hanging off his left pants waist and the others on the chains on the right.

"I would also ask a favor of you." Pine spoke as Robert took the Pokedex from him. "There are several legendary beasts in Johto which have had little documentation. I would ask that you keep an eye out for any of these legends, as capturing one would allow us to better understand them." Pine replied.

Robert looked over to a large painting which showed the legends of Johto: Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Lugia, Ho-oh and Celebi. One of them caught his attention more than the others: the fiery beast Entei. It had the appearance both powerful and regal, eyes seemingly full of determination. "Sure, I'll do it." Robert said before looking at his Pokedex. Turning it on, Robert scanned his Cyndaquil to get all of the details he could about his new friend.

"So you're a female huh? Well then, how about I name you Flare. Sound good?" Robert asked his cyndaquil. The fiery pokemon nodded and chipped. "Cyndaa!" it said happily.

Robert gave a bow of his head to Professor Pine. "Thank you Professor." he spoke before looking up at the Cyndaquil on his shoulder. "Let's make tracks Flare! Our new life begins!" Robert said as he rushed out of the lab.

After making a quick stop at the bank to create an account and get his funds linked to his Pokedex, Robert headed to a small country store. There was no Pokemon items aside from Pokemon food, but Robert was looking for traveling gear anyways. He could always visit a Pokemart in the next town. Robert used some of his funds to buy a small pitch tent, a sleeping bag, a mess kit, a canteen, some trail mix, a few pouches of stew mix and a canister of Pokemon food. Once he was ready for his journey, the young boy headed into Route 29 to begin his new life.

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