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Chris Knight
Who Terribly Wants To Skip Cherrygrove But Figures Battling Scenes Are Too Much Work

Chris, Matt, and Celia met outside the Pokemon Center, all looking extremely well rested. Matt ran hyper circles around the two older kids as they contemplated what to do next. "Maybe today we should focus on Matt's pokemon; he won't be tempted to run back into the forest and drive Noctus insane..." Chris said. "That sounds good, but I don't know how much help I'll be; he doesn't listen to me."

Celia seemed a little bit ashamed, but Chris laughed. "He just wants to get his Pokemon stronger; why don't you go shop or something today. I can handle him." Celia slapped him for his stupidity, then promptly left and went shopping.

"Okay Matt, today is just you and me." Chris and the little boy stood in a large park, fairly crowded with overactive joggers and small children. "So let's see your Pokemon." Chris said. Matt nodded, then reached for the single Pokeball placed on his belt. Throwing it onto the ground, a purple bug with white antennae and red compound eyes appeared.

"Veno!" it cried, standing on two brown feet. "Oh wow, that's an awesome Pokemon!" Chris said, pulling out his Pokedex. "Venonat, a Bug Pokémon. Its eyes function as radar allowing it to see in the dark." "Oh wow, a Venonat!" very impressed with their mother's choice in pokemon, Chris decided it was time to try and help him.

"So, what exactly do you want to do with your little Venonat here?" Chris inquired, seeing the boy's expression. He seemed proud of it, but a little insecure as well. Exhaling deeply, Matt spewed out a long string of words. "Say again? Try speaking a little slower this time." "I want to be an awesome pokemon trainer like you with a pokedex and pokeballs and items and-" he stopped to catch his breath.

"Well, you have to have pokemon that you believe in, of course. " Chris said. Fumbling with his Pokeballs, he released Noctus. Venonat, scared by the owl pokemon, quickly hid behind his trainer. "It's okay, Venonat. He's here to help." Matt put his hand on the little bug's head, calming him down considerably. It made a little squeal, but slowly warmed up to the unfamiliar Pokemon.

"Let's try something simple; a race. Me and my Pokemon versus you and yours. We'll go to that tree," Chris said, pointed at a tall oak about half a mile away, "and back here. While you cannot interfere with my running, the Pokemon are free to do what they want; all attacks are fair game. Ready?" Chris finished, eager to start. Noctus perched on his shoulder, one foot gently catching on the fabric. "Ready." Matt replied, prepping his Pokemon. Venonat seemed to understand what was going on, and stood in a running position.

"Go!" Chris said, taking off in a blur. Noctus was flying alongside him, with Matt not far behind. "Noctus! Use Tackle!" the bird complied, and rammed into the little bug pokemon. It was blown back, and Matt was forced to slow down and make sure it was okay. "Venonat! Run ahead and use Disable!" Venonat sprinted up until it was just behind the other pair, and began to use its move. Its eyes glowed light blue as it stopped Noctus from trying any more of his physical power. Although he kept running, Chris knew he had no other way to attack. They were only halfway there, but there was no way for him to distract Matt. Unless... a devious plan formed in his mind as Matt began to close the gap. Getting closer and closer, his face turned from excited to determined.

"Use your own Tackle now!" Venonat sprinted and leaped, but Noctus was too fast to get hit. Swiftly avoiding the attack, he returned to his position above his trainer's head. "Noctus, try a new approach. Use Growl, then Foresight!" Noctus began to fly backwards, his head facing Venonat as his body flew forward. He made a cute beckoning noise, distracting the little purple pokemon. It began to slow, but Matt hit it lightly on the head. Returning to its senses, it picked up its pace yet again. Noctus then began using his next move; something that used his beginning psychic powers. His eyes glowed red as he locked onto his target, who ran in a straight line. After locating him, Noctus honed in even closer. Perfectly locked-on, he knew his next move would hit exactly where he wanted it to.

There was only a few hundred feet left, and the battle raged on. Venonat violently tried to tackle Noctus over and over, as he dodged repeatedly. They were almost at the flag, and they were basically neck and neck. Chris had the advantage of longer legs, but Matt had a good deal more energy. Their pokemon did not seem as worn out as their trainers; still in fighting mode. Chris knew he had to finish it, and fast; what kind of teacher loses to his pupil on the first lesson? "Noctus, end this! Hypnosis!" Noctus agreed, and a red beam flew from his eyes. Hitting Venonat dead on, it quickly fell asleep. "VENONAT WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET UP THIS IS A RACE!" Matt screamed, obviously not happy with the turn of events.

It was only a matter of time before Chris touched the tree, clearly the winner. Matt was still with his pokemon, screaming profanities that most kids his age had never heard before. "Son of a Banette! I'm gonna Far'fetchding kill you! You worthless Wailord!" he spouted. "Calm down Matt, your Pokemon did all it could. It was planning that really earned me the win, not experience. In fact, for a kid your age you're a genius! I thought that was going to be easy, but I even had to use Hypnosis! That wasn't in my plan. I mean really, look at Noctus!" the owl pokemon stood on the ground, panting loudly. "Thanks for the help Chris." Matt had understood what he meant, and realized how well his pokemon had really done.

"I'm really sorry, but I have to go. I'll escort you back to the Pokemon Center, but after that I'm leaving." Chris said. "No! Don't leave! You'll leave me here with Celia! Nooooooo!" Matt cried, holding on to Chris's leg. Gently taking him off, he smiled. "You'll be fine. With your Pokemon's new strength, I think she'll treat you with a little more respect." he winked, and the smaller boy grinned. "Now let's go! Don't want to keep Celia waiting!" After returning Noctus to his ball with a quiet thanks, the two set off to the Pokemon Center, each reviewing what they had learned that day.


Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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