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Veil of Mind
Village Bridge

The storm clouds were real, but I could not feel the rain which fell down, not even moving the water in my glass nor adding to it. Not even the thunder and lightning felt real, although several non-Alternates scurried about, fleeing from this artificial downpour. Of all the people to trick, one with a sixth sense is incredibly hard to fool. My memory alone could determine fact from fiction.

To trick the senses of sight, touch, and sound... there are several Alts out there using these gifts now... I muttured in my mind, the Eevee on my lap shaking lightly. I gently placed my hand against her head, stroking her fur in long, gentle motions.

"It's okay, Shannon. Nothing will hurt you here." I gently reassured. I remembered her fear of the rain, the same day I caught her. Next to us, my Audino sat on another chair, eyes closed and swaying gently with the sound of the man singing under the bridge. Even I had to admit, the acoustics of the sound, coupled with the verious other people playing their instruments, was quite a nice tone against the artificial weather.

"Aren't you going inside, sir? You'll catch your death out here if you stay too long." Somebody asked me, breaking me from my pleasant trance.

"I'll be fine, thanks. I've been through much worse than this." I replied, delicately implanting the thought that I was nobody important aming his. Manipulating the direct senses was easy compared to my skill. The power to alter thoughts, change the mind of many, such talents were dangerous, which is why I took a personal oath to keep from abusing it.

"Suit yourself." He spoke, walking off in a hurry. Smiling gently, I leaned back slightly, the hood of my coat shifting downward as I took solace in the comforting sounds around me, trying futilely to slowly shake an unnerving emotion in my body. As much as the sixth sense was a gift, it was also a curse. Even a new Alternate knew something was coming, but I could tell, it was not good.

"We'll continue moving tomorrow." I lazily spoke, hiding my nerves. "Tonight, all we need do is relax and wait until the storm passes, until we can see that silver lining."

Yes, as much as the clouds were real, the rest were fake.
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