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@ Eternal Moonlight - It certainly was :D

- Scout (Sentret) grew to lv 6!


Selma, Route 30

Selma and Flynn followed Nicole out onto route 30 that evening, somewhat uneasily.

"This is the best place for Leds to battle!" Nicole said reassuringly and let the bug pokémon out of his pokéball. He took one deep breath of the fresh country air and went haywire. He was clearly happy to be here again. Nicole laughed and even Flynn smiled.

"Leds was born here, in a swarm of other Ledybas," he explained. "He has never really been angry with Nicole for catching him, but he likes to come out here sometimes."

"I see," Selma said and smiled calmly. It was quite beautiful to behold the girl and her pokémon playing out here. But the weather wasn't that great actually. "It's rather... misty, don't you think?" Selma said.

"Yeah. It often is out here. It's beautiful on days when the sun shines brightly though. Then the whole air becomes yellow in a way."

Selma looked at Flynn, who was watching his sister play. Maybe he wasn't so cold after all. Selma had gotten that impression of him first. The boy had black hair that almost looked blue, square shaped glasses and rather pale skin. He looked more like the type to read and study than the type to play outdoors with pokémon. Nicole was his opposite. Her hair was black as well, but her skin had a slight tan to it and she looked like a fit girl who had spent her whole life playing and never sitting still. Much like Selma. Only, Nicole wore a dress. Selma never wore dresses.

Suddenly, a swarm of Ledybas came flying over them. Leds and Nicole stopped playing and looked up. Maybe Leds knew some of them?

Some of them seemed awfully curious. They came close to Nicole and Leds and stared at them. Leds greeted them and they seemed to be slightly less afraid. Some even came up to Selma and Flynn now.

"Maybe I should catch one of my own..." Selma heard herself saying.

Flynn looked at her. "That sounds like a good idea. Part of a trainer's job is to collect many pokémon so that you'll eventually find your dream team, no?"

"That's right!" Selma searched with her eyes through the Ledybas in the vincinity and suddenly noticed that one of them was gazing right at her. It didn't even blink. Selma didn't blink either. It was a staring contest.... and finally, Selma gave up, as her eyes hurt.

"You won that one," she told the Ledyba, who was sitting on the grass a few meters away. "But you won't win a battle! Come out, Totodile!"

Toto came out from his pokéball and jumped around happily as usual. All the Ledybas were startled and Nicole was angry that she had disturbed their new friends. The Ledyba that had linked eyes with Selma jumped back a few meters... but then seemed to accept the challenge.

"Huh," Flynn said. "A Ledyba with guts? Not a usual sight around here."

Not a little guts, either. It charged Toto with a Tackle before Selma had even called out an order. The attack hit Toto hard, and enraged him somewhat.

"Alright, take advantage of that, Toto! Use Rage!"

The Totodile's eyes started glowing red as he lounged forward to perform a Scratch. Ledyba was fast however and evaded the move, retaliating with another Tackle.

"Whoa, it's got some strategy as well," Flynn said. Nicole came closer and looked on, interested.

"Toto, Leer!" Selma said. Toto gave the bug an intimidating look that made it halt in the air and get down a bit. Then, Toto took advantage of his Rage and hit the ladybug with a Scratch attack. The bug wasn't down yet, however. It used Supersonic.

"Remember to cover your ears!" Flynn yelled.

"No, not giving it the chance!" Selma quickly shouted. "Toto, Water Gun now!"

Totodile sprayed the water gun out and hit the bug right when the supersonic waves just had started reaching the crocodile. It didn't affect him much, as the waves stopped coming as soon as the Water Gun hit its target. Ledyba was shot down and hit the ground.

"And that's the difference between a trained pokémon and a wild one!" Flynn said with a triumphant smile.

"What is?" Nicole asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well... this?" Flynn answered and pointed to the battlefield, where Toto had clearly won. The bug was struggling to get up. "You should probably catch it now, Selma."

"Oh, right! Pokéball!" Selma searched through her bag and reminded herself to always keep an empty one in a pocket on her shorts or jacket. She found one quickly and threw it at the bug before it could get up... but the ball sprung open after a second the the Ledyba materialized again. It was panting, looking at Selma with intense eyes.

"Hm, maybe it just wasn't enough."

"We'll have to battle it harder," Selma said. "Toto, use Scratch! See if you have any rage left in you!"

Toto nodded and set off towards the bug on the ground, claws up. But the bug didn't seem to have any plans on getting scratched. It flew up into the sky, evading Toto's attack, and then dove down for a Tackle.

"Water Gun! Stop it in it's path!" Flynn shouted.

"Uh, yes! Water Gun like he said!" Selma shouted as well.

Toto was confused for a second but blew out a Water Gun in time to slow down the Ledyba. The bug had dove fast though and it still reached the crocodile, knocking him off his feet, even though the impact wasn't as great. "Toto!" Selma yelled, worriedly. The crocodile pokémon seemed to be in a pinch, having received several tackles now. The bug gathered energy to get up from the ground. No. Toto acted before it could leave again. He Scratched the pokémon hard, hitting its wings. That seemed to really hurt. He gave it yet another Scratch.

"You don't want to kill the bug, do you?" Flynn said a bit skeptic.

"Well, last time it wasn't hurt enough. Better safe than sorry," Selma retorted. "Pokéball, go!" And this time she threw it with force. It was drawn to the bug, hit it and sucked it in. The ball twitched and rolled from side to side a couple of times...


@ Charm -

- Selma caught a Ledyba! (lv 7, female)
- Toto (Totodile) grew to lv 10!

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...

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