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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@Charm: Ugh, two whole days?! That really bites, hope it clears up soon ^^
And, thanks!

Route 29-Cherrygrove
Part 5/1, Hop to it!

Little to Summer’s knowledge, the last incident had actually helped erase distance between the group and their next destination. After having snaked on some delicious apples, they once again toke to the dirt road, and continued forward with the adventure. Mint was still rather energetic, but seemed to have calmed down since the last fight. That Starly had been a hard foe for her, and probably drained a chunk of her energy. She still bounced, but didn’t go as high, or cover as much ground. Scout, on the other hand, hadn’t changed his tendencies any. Once in a little while, he’d give the area a good scan, although this never ate too much time.

“L-look,” the brunette said, pointing ahead. Not too far off, the brown turned to grey, which could only mean one thing. They were drawing near Cherrygrove, and Route 29 would soon be behind them. It was a bit weird, the thought of leaving this place behind. It was already almost over, the first route of the adventure. At the same time, there was both anticipation and nervousness, the next segment was about to begin!

Touching cement for the first time in a while was little weird, but it didn’t take long for the trainer to get used to the evenness of the surface. Scout, however, seemed a little hesitant to leave the dirt and grass he’d grown around.

“I-it’s fine, not dangerous at all,” Summer needed to encourage him a little before the rodent finally touched the foreign material. After a few steps, he grew far less uneasy, and quickly returned his pace to normal. Mint, however, had no qualms about the changing terrain, and simply continued as usual.

After a little more walking, the group arrived at the mouth of the town. Various buildings stood, and although they were larger than those in New Bark, were nowhere near skyscraper height. This was perfectly fine with the brunette, who actually preferred things this way. It reminded her of home, forcing a small smile.

Again, Sentret didn’t appear to be enjoying all this. It was so… foreign to a Pokémon who’d spent its entire life away from the city. People, he’d seen, but this was all new. At first, he was doing okay, but after seeing the first intersection, all those huge metallic things in one place, needed to be carried. Chikorita, on the other hand, didn’t seem fazed one bit, and actually seemed to enjoy all the activity.

“W-we’d better check out the Centre, b-before doing anything,” Summer stated, looking around for any sign of the iconic building. It couldn’t be too hard to find!

During the process of searching, yet another event would come up, this one completely unforeseeable by every stretch of the imagination. When they turned down another street corner, the group passed by a park, where a few kids were playing a game. Upon noticing Mint, who was a very unfamiliar sight, one of them decided to check it out.

“Which Pokémon is that?” the blonde asked, eyeing the grass type curiously. Noticing their friend, most of the others joined him. Scout seemed a little nervous, as was his trainer. She didn’t like dealing with too many people at once, it made her very uneasy. Again, the leaf Pokémon toke it admirably, jumping in excitement as she was admired.

“S-she’s a Chikorita,” Summer finally replied, focusing her attention her instead of the small crowd.

“So cute!” one of the girls exclaimed.

“Too cute!” another followed up. They asked a few more questions, before the blonde boy redirected his attention to Scout, who enjoyed being away from the lime light.

“Can that Sentret jump well?” he inquired, forcing a surprised look from the trio. After recalling the previous fights, the brunette figured he was pretty good.

“Y-yeah,” she answered, wondering if this was leading up to anything.

“Cool!” he shouted, and the others seemed even more pumped then before. This was defiantly going someplace… but where? “I challenge you to a hopscotch contest,” he stated with confidence.

“A-a what?”

“A hopscotch contest! We can’t battle yet, so we get out Pokémon to play in games like that! It’s really fun!” he exclaimed, the others nodding and commenting in response.

“Umm…,” Summer didn’t really know what to say,

“Come on, don’t be a Slowpoke!” he insisted, forcing a gentle sigh from the older girl.
“You up to it?” She asked the rodent, and was met with a hesitant nod. He really wasn’t comfortable about this, but it really a game couldn’t be worse than a battle, could it? “I-I guess we’re in for a round,” she replied, earning a cheer from the small crowd of children.

“Let’s do this!” they called, and following them into the park, Summer noticed they had already laid the hopscotch board out. On the paved basketball court was a crud set of ten boxes all drawn in blue sidewalk chalk. Inside each of these was a number, correctly corresponding to the number each rough square was to represent. It was too small for any of them to use, but was perfect for a Pokémon like Sentret. They must have been planning to play with their own teammates before they showed up.

It turned out four of the children had Pokémon they wanted to use. One was another Sentret, wearing a pink bow on its tail another, a Sandshrew, which Summer had never seen before. Wanting to know a little more about it, she pulled the Pokédex from her satchel. Pointing the gizmo at it resulted in an informative message.

“Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. It prefers dry, sandy places because it uses the sand to protect itself when threatened.” The brunette wondered how this was a mouse, but had no time to think about, as she soon bombarded with questions concerning the red device. Answering them… wasn’t the easiest thing, although she did her best.

The last two were a Bellsprout and Marill, although tempted to scan these as well, the teenager avoided doing so, not wanting to prompt any more inquiries.

Scout seemed a little less tense at the sight of the other Sentret, it was nice to see a familiar Pokémon! It didn’t take very long to establish the order, Summer choosing to go dead last. Nobody else wanted to, and she didn’t mind one bit.

The first was the water type. It’s “trainer”, a young girl clad in a purple shirt, rolled the rock on the number four. Nodding, Marill started jumping, one leg on the first single square, and two on the next set of double. It aced the run on the first time around, but wasn’t able to avoid the forbidden tile. “Oh well, you did good,” it received a nice encouragement at the end, forcing a weak smile.

Next up was the Sentret, and after tossing the stone, was determined that seven was to be avoided. Her start was a little shakier then the pervious, but this didn’t seem to hurt her too much. After a few jumps, and a surprising mastery of the gruelling two in a row five-six, did a nice job skipping over the next. Unlike Marill, the brown rodent also did perfect on the return. This earned her a thumbs up from her trainer, a redheaded boy.

Bellsprout’s partner landed him tile ten, which was actually a pretty good square to get. However, even from the start, the thin plant faced issues. The double jump was painfully hard for it, and the grass type simply could not manage the five-six. “Aww,” the kid was pretty bummed, but toke the loss rather well otherwise.

Now, it was finally Scout’s turn. He was looking a little uneasy, but managed to make the first square pretty well. Having eight as the no-go was a rather tricky, turning the hardest part of the course into a triple one pawed effort. The brown rodent’s next move was a little shakier, as was the one after that. At his rate, Summer knew he wasn’t going to make it too far.

“Chik!” Mint cheered, clapping her paws together in an attempt to support her teammate. Although this did prove as a distraction, and almost cost him the next jump, it did also make him feel better. The first time across was then completed, leaving only the return trip. With both Chikorita and his trainer behind him, Scout nodded, and started jumping back. He did much better, avoiding the barred square with ease.

“Awesome!” she applaud, smiling widely. Her Pokémon had managed to overcome its nervousness and made a perfect run.

“Now, for the tie-“the red-haired kid was then cut off by an older feminine voice.

“Tony, it’s time to go now. We have to run a few errands now!” the woman spoke with a cheerful ring, and was dressed in nice pink dress. She stood outside the park, and beckoned the boy to come with her.

“But mom, I was-,” again, he was cut off.

“I already left you play some extra time, remember?” she started, still sounding rather happy, although a little more stern.

“Fine,” Tony replied, and said goodbye to his friends. “I guess you win, since I have to go,” he sigh, looking a little down.

“N-no, we’ll call it a tie,” Summer said, trying to cheer up the redhead a little. It wasn’t his fault he had to go anyway.

“Cool!” he beamed, and after another wave, started toward his mother, Sentret close behind.

“Thanks for playing, that was fun,” the blonde from before exclaimed, turning back toward Summer.

“Yeah!” the purple shirted girl added, nodding her head in confirmation. “Totally!”

“It-it really was,” the teenager replied, while she and Scout had been nervous, both managed to have a pretty decent time. When she asked about the Centre, one of the other kids was able to point her in the right direction. With a thank-you, the trio started for the building, all feeling pretty good…

00C: Thought this would be a nice alternate to a battle!

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