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Default Re: What is your most hated Pokemon in Unova?

Originally Posted by Latio-Reol View Post
Watchog takes the strict spot for number 1 most hated Pokemon in Unova, and possibly all time. It's like Bibarel, except it got more useless. It's also ugly, and Team Plasma spams it and it's absurdly annoying Confuse Ray and Hypnosis attacks. Cyrogonal takes a close second, and would have bottomed out if it wasn't for cool Ice Typing (no pun intended) and a massive Special Defense value. Audino is third, but for one VERY good reason: A Shiny Audino appeared in a Nuzlocke run I couldn't catch legally. IT WAS THE EVIL AUDINO!!

That being said, everything else is toleratable.

I have to agree with this. Its like an anorexic Bibarel with a drug addiction problem, just creepy. And if you add that they are spammed throughout the whole game they can really get on your nerves.

Its only use is as a HM slave, just like almost every early Pokemon.