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Default Re: What was wrong with PE2K?

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
I came up with two elaborate theories.

A) The Pokemon Company saw how amazing we were, and thought that we could rival them and their site. So, in a preemptive strike, they hired a band of hackers from the PokeCommunity and Serebeii to use Chinese proxy servers and hack into the server mainframe itself, disabling it, and causing a massive shutdown like when Anonymous hacked Sony. Jk, jk PokeCommunity. Jhf.

B) A spy who was on the run for not finishing an assassination makes an account on here to talk with some news reporter about some government conspiracy. The CIA then hacked into Pe2k to read each and every PM to figure out who the assassin and the reporter was. They are now fighting in London, England. The reporter will probably get shot, and the assassin who has amnesia is still working on figuring out who he is.

But upon reading this thread, I have come to a conclusion that neither of those theories have happened... yet.
Almost certain they also hacked SEGA (Lol, Nintendo denied involvement too XD) and NOAA, or whatever government organization it is.

Either way...The second theory = win.
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