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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

@ Thunderbolt - what a clever tactics, by both Light and Eevee's trainer! Finally we're arriving in Cherrygrove :D

- Light (Pikachu) grew to lv 9!

@ sammy - Cool battle with her father! A good trainer knows when it's time to hold up.

- Solir (Cubone) grew to lv 8!

@ Eternal Moonlight - ah, you're having a headache? :( poor thing. I've been having migraine for two days now so I know how you feel xD Good post to come out of a paining head though :)

- Mint (Chikorita) grew to lv 8!


Also, starting with route 30, you guys are able to get several levels for each post and pokémon, if you keep writing as awesome posts as you do :) your pokés would grow pretty slowly if we didn't do this, I think.

- Johto Chronicles -
your very own adventure
with POKÉMON awaits...
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