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Default Daily Chit Chat

For all your more casual/smaller topics, talk about them here!

Of course, all the obvious forum rules still apply in chit chat, but I want to stress the main ones here.
  • Chit chat doesn't mean you can post spam/junk posts here, this will get you banned.
  • Make sure your posts have at least four words and have something to contribute to the conversation.
  • Even if your post is beyond four words, make sure it has something to do with the conversation.
  • If it's something random and not a conversation at all, this will get you banned.
  • Make sure to use sentences (capitalizations and periods), this is not AIM, this is a forum, so make your post as presentable as possible.
  • This isn't the "hi everyone ... bye everyone ... what's happening" thread. This is a topic thread where we talk about things. Those comments are best left to messenger or PM.
  • And if you want to know what's happening, look back aa couple/few pages to find out. Stay on topic. If there isn't a topic, start a new one instead of complaining or asking what should the new topic be.
  • And don't complain about the thread being dead: that is spam.
Punishments include temp bans (days, weeks, or months) or permanent bans depending on how serious the offense is.

This will make the DCC a better thread if we all follow the rules. Thanks.

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