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Route 29, Disadvantages

Everything had been pretty calm for while. The group had taken a decent rest, allowing the Pokémon to properly recover from any minor injuries they may have sustained in the previous battles. Mint was still hyper as ever, and Scout was turning out to be more down to earth. It was, at this early point, hard to determine his exact personality, unlike the Chikorita.

“Oh h-hey,” Summer said, pointing her index finger toward a tree. At first, it seemed generic, until one noticed some red spheres hanging off it. The grass type immediately followed the invisible path between her trainer’s digit and the fresh looking apples. Excited, she made a sprint for it, once again leaving Scout and the girl behind.

Sighing, the brown creature shock his head, although made sure Summer wouldn’t notice. She was too distracted keeping her eyes focused on the leaf Pokémon. It didn’t take her long to follow it forward, with Sentret easily overtaking her for the second time. Since the tree wasn’t too far off, it didn’t take them long to catch up.

Mint was gazing hopelessly at the fruit, which were far out of her reach. Even the brunette was too short, and if any of them wanted those apples, they’d have to figure out a way to get them down. But how?

Thoughts ripe pommes were interrupted with a shout, which grabbed the trio’s attention.
“W-what was that?” the teenager asked, a little startled by the sharp, unexpected sound. Her voice reflected this state, and wasn’t nearly loud enough to be made audible to a target further away. It didn’t need to, however.

“Idiot, where is it now?!” the words were uttered nearby, each was clear to the group, despite having no visual. “Stupid…stupid,” the tone had changed slightly, less angry, more desperate. As Summer shyly stepped north, it got slightly louder. That was the right way.

“C-c’mon guys” the girl beckoned her Pokémon to follow. Scout didn’t hesitate, but Mint required a little more convincing to leave the apple tree behind. “W-we’ll come back after” the trainer promised.

Stepping around some of the plant-life earned the trio sight of the speaker. It was a boy, appearing no older then Summer herself. He had messy, shoulder length hair, chestnut in colour. His clothes were well worn, although it was his crimson red baseball cap that drew the most attention.

“How could I have lost that?” he cried, violently bonking his head against a tree. Judging from the look on his face after each hit, it had to hurt.

Summer hesitated. She never really was comfortable talking with strangers. Dana had been unintended, after all. However, on the other hand, this kid could probably use their help. Taking a good deep breath, the girl figured it was worth a shot.

“H-hi, we… noticed you, a-and wanted to know if we could help?” she managed, lowering her gaze.

“Oh! Didn’t know anyone was around,” he started, sounding genuinely surprised. “I wouldn’t normally impose, but I can’t seem to find my Ghastly’s Greatball. I’ve been looking for a while, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere!” He then sighed, and from his shadow, Summer could tell he was shaking his head.

“D-don’t worry, if we all l-look, we should be able to find it,” the brunette stated, trying to encourage the other trainer. “R-right guys?”

“Orita!” Mint cheered, nodding her head feverishly. Scout, on the other hand, just have a simple confirmation.

“It’s real nice of you guys!” he replied, sounding a bit more optimistic. “I came from Cherrygrove, so it shouldn’t be further eastward.”

“O-okay,” she said, nodding slowly.

After splitting up, Summer decided that going west would probably be the better idea. The other trainer did go east, just in case the sphere had rolled down hill or something. She had told him no trace of such item had been seen, but then again, she hadn’t been looking either.

Mint was investigating every single bush she encountered, while Scout utilised his tail to get better views of the area. Summer tried to find depressions in the ground, where such an item could easily roll into.

Minutes started to accumulate as the trio continued to turn up nothing. Every lead they could come up with yielded nothing more than disappointment. After about an hour, Summer began to grow concerned. This really wasn’t looking good for them. The longer that capsule stayed lost, the higher the chance something could happen to it.

“T-this isn’t working,” she cried, shaking her head. Once again, uneasiness was setting in, along with shades of guilt. She’d managed to get the boy’s hopes back up, and now…

“Didn’t find it, did you?” the familiar voice startled her, although she quickly recovered.

“N-no, n-not yet,” she replied, trying to keep an optimistic ring to her voice. The response was a simple sigh.

“I can’t believe this!” he exclaimed, kicking a pebble into the tall grass. “I’m such an idiot!”

“Y-you didn’t mean to,” Summer tried to help, but wasn’t really doing a good job.

“Yeah, but it’s a trainer responsibility to keep their Pokémon safe. I didn’t check my bag, and it had a hole… I was too careless…”

“We-we’re not done looking yet,” the brunette reminded, nodding her head. She wasn’t as confident they would find it, but kept positive, for his sake.

“I guess…” his voice then trailed off, and anything further inaudible.

“TRET!” Scout shouted, standing on his tail, pointing up at the sky. Flying overhead was a small grey bird. Clutched within its talons was a glistening spherical object. It flew a little lower, allowing for a clear view of this item.

“That’s it!” exclaimed the boy, his mood instantly picking up. However, this soon changed to alarm as the Pokémon continued westward, showing no indication of dropping it. “If only I had Viola!” he shouted, starting after it.

Summer wasted no time following, although she unable to match his speed. Even he, however, was starting to lose the bird, as it began pulling higher.

“I-if we want to get that back, we’ll h-have to do it soon,” she mumbled to herself. But what could possibly reach up that high? Solutions started to run through her mind, as her previous battles were recalled. Something that could cover distance… wait! A particular scene played, when Mint played her ranging razor leaf to strike Scout. That… was the only possibility. A little uneasy, Summer commanded her Chikorita to use that attack, but to aim for the sphere. Nodding, the grass type bounced, and with the flick of her leaf, fired a few green projectiles. Not expecting this, the bird had no way to dodge, as the shot dislodged the Greatball and sent if plummeting downward.

“Got it!” the boy shouted, leaping up and grabbing the ball right out of the air.


However, their problems were not yet over. The grey flyer wasn’t too happy with having its shiny object taken, and wanted it back! Banking to the east, it came back full speed. It was aiming right for the male trainer, eyes narrowed.

“M-Mint! Use razor leaf!” Summer commanded, still using Dana’s method of pointing at the foe. Nodding its head, the starter repeated the attack, and new projectiles were dispatched. These went right for the bird, who managed to dodge them all. The bright side was that in doing so, it had to swerve left side, forcing it to miss the boy.

This was far from over though, as Mint was now its new opponent.

“Starly!” it screamed, before making an attack attempt on the grass type.

“Dodge!” the brunette cried, and Chikorita jumped sideways, narrowly avoiding the blow. This thing was moving even faster the Scout had, proving they were in for a tougher fight. On top of that, Summer remembered that grass was weak to flying, which this Pokémon was obviously.

“N-no point in fighting with a disadvantage, Mint!” Summer stated, trying to recall the green quadruped, although she got a look of dissatisfaction.

“Chi!” she said, shaking her head. She could play with this!


However, during that time, Starly managed to loop around again, was already closing in.
“Watch out!” the boy called, although he was too late and Mint ended up getting hit straight on. The impact sent her flying a little, and landed on her side.

“A-are you okay?!” her trainer shouted, very concerned. However, Chikorita picked herself back up again, giving the foe a confidant smirk. She was hurting a little, but was ready for more. “Ok! Razor it on the rebound!” ordered Summer, thinking it might be harder for it to dodge while turning.

Nodding, the starter hopped and once again fired those sharp leaves. She was stunned to see that the grey flyer managed to avoid a good deal of these. They would have to think of something else.

This time, it stayed in the air, and after a moment, unleashed a piercing growl, which ended up forcing Mint to back off a little, in hopes that would dull the noise. Instead, it left her open for another fly by, and Summer’s quiet voice was unable to overtake the Pokémon’s cry, and, with her red eyes close, the grass type was unable to see the foe coming. Again, she was struck, this time to the left, and was pushed backward.

“O-oh, no,” uneasiness was starting to fester once more. This opponent was tricky, and was doing a great job at besting the duo.

This hit was more painful than the last, although, Mint was still not ready to back down. Giving her trainer a weak smile, she rushed back into the action. The bird was already trying for yet another head on tackle, which Chickorita managed to avoid.

“T-try Razor Leaf this time, but spread them out this time,” Summer hopped covering more air would help get some more of the attack in. This, in fact, proved to be a smarter idea, as the bird toke many more hits than before.

Trying something new, the opponent made a roller coaster loop upside down, trying to get a fast strike from the back.

Summer was really worried, noticing how well the Pokémon handled itself and the speed it was managing to hold. There was no way Mint could…”

“Jump up!” she was startled by the boy’s sharp voice. “I’m not you’re trainer, but HURRY!”
Mint wasted no time springing upward, missing the beak by mere centimetres. Completely taken by surprise, the Starly was left stunned for a few moments.

“Take advantage!” he suggested.

“O-okay. T-tackle this t-time, but from the side.” Mint nodded, using the speed boost she got from having held the high ground, and managed to bank leftward. She, however, was too slow, as the foe already started for the skies once more.

“B-bring the attack up,” Summer, still uneasy, figured it was worth a shot. Mint, her hind paws kicking off the ground, managed to get enough jump to reach the bird and collide. However, since the blow had only glanced the bottom side, it didn’t down it completely. It did do enough damage to force a retreat. The prize wasn’t worth the effort.

Scout, who had been watching, managed to be impressed by the hyper creature. She’d managed to fare pretty well against such a speedy foe!

“Good job guys,” the boy complimented, and Summer redirected her praise to Mint. It was her who pulled them through, after all.

“Y-you helped too,” she added, feeling a little bad for having panicked so.

“You’ll get better, with practice,” he reminded, forcing a gentle nod.

“I’m Harvey, by the way, he added, having forgotton to introduce himself earlier.

“Summer,” she simply stated, “A-and these are Mint,” the girl paused as Chikorita clapped her paws together, and then jumped up once “And Scout,” the brown rodent nodded his head slightly.

“Nice names,”


“OH! I can’t believe I forgot to say my thanks for having helped find and get my Ghastly back! I really do owe you something,” he exclaimed, and then reached into his backpack.

“Y-you don’t really have to,” started the brunette.

“I insist!” he retorted, pulling out the sum one would pay out if they lost a trainer battle.

“I-I really…”

“Really, I do insist!”

Realising it was useless the continue this any longer, the girl accepted the money. “T-thanks,”

“Don’t mention it! It’s really the least I could do!” he stated, and then paused for a moment. Before he could start again, Mint had shouted and run over to yet another apple tree, hungry for some tasty fruit.

“I-I’d better go help her. W-ant to join us?” the brunette offered. She was, however declined.

“I’d lo-like to, but I really should get some training in. Next time for sure though!” he said, and Summer, missing his first stutter, simply nodded.
“See y-you later?”

“You better bet on it!” he exclaimed, starting for the forested patch.

Summer watched him walk for a few moments before turning around and heading for the tree, Scout following close behind. After all that, some nice apples would be nice!

00C: Sorry if this is weaker and a little out of character for Summer and her Pokémon. I’m experiencing a really bad headache and writing the last half was painful, but I also wanted to finish what I had started earlier.

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