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Default Re: Zekrom's Sprite Shop! (looking for workers)

Originally Posted by Speed-X View Post
Just saying, but Imageshack seems to like to resize, which can be really inconvenient (that is, unless you copied the url for the thumbnail instead of the url of the full-sized image). Have you tried using Photobucket or TinyPic?
Better yet, you could also use my friend's uploading site he created: Pandora Image. With pImg, you don't need to go through any ReCaptcha bullcrap like you do with TinyPic; plus it's nice, small and a lot like Photobucket except much more simple and quaint.

Just a recommendation, though!

Anyway, since you've done me a huge favor by requesting in my thread, I'll request in yours.
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Partly or fully?: Not really sure what you mean; I suppose something kinda like the Onix you've got there?
Ill get on the rainbow. Party is ninetails, fully is onix.



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