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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Stella Marino
Shade of Vision
Castelia City

"Oh how wonderful," Stella said quietly as thunder started overhead. The clouds had already been dreary and dark, with a slight rain drifiting down, but there had been no thunder until very recently. The young woman peeked out from underneath her black umbrella to scan the sky, looking for lightning. Oddly enough, she didn't see any. "It must be quite far off. How unfortunate." She said, and the people nearest to her glanced at her in confusion. She seemed to be talking to herself.

Such was not the case, however. Stella felt a sudden drop in temperature and heard the raindrops clink on the sidewalk as they turned to ice. Something that felt like silk brushed her cheek. "I think on such a downpour like this, people should get to see a show, Lola," she went on casually. Her Mismagius was there, she knew, but Lola preferred to stay invisible most of the time and was only detecable through the chill she sent through the air.

"Miisssss..." Stella heard very faintly, like a sign on the wind. Her smile grew wider, although there was nothing happy or charming about it. "I thought you would agree. Let's see what I can do." She looked back up at the sky and frowned a little. No flashes of light were anywhere, just the thunder. She had to time it just right. As soon as she heard the rumble of thunder, she sent out the illusion. A fork of lightning flashed in the distance as soon as the thunder rumbled. People next to her began to murmur to themselves.

"Wow, did you see that?"

"I hope that didn't hit the tower..."

"Looks like some storm is approaching."

Stella just managed to hold down the gleeful laughter that bubbled in her chest. It was so much fun messing with people, just like a game. She knew Lola was laughing as well, the chilly cloud around her intensified.

"Man, it's cold around here."

Thr girl released a giggle and quickly silenced herself. She didn't want people to see her and making a sound would break the delicate spell she had over them. She wasn't tricking people in believing she was invisible, but she wanted them to glance over her as if she wasn't very important. It was working quite well, actually. It was harder to maintain such an illusion in a crowded city like this. Another flash of lightning appeared on the horizon, two silmutaneous this time. The thunder was louder than before. Stella wished that she could bring them closer, but she needed to be in time with the thunder since she could only trick people's eyes, not their ears. "Lola," she murmured very quietly, twirling her umbrella. "Do you ever feel as if something big is about to happen? Something you're not going to like?" Where did that come from? She thought to herself, her fine brows dipping in puzzlement. Something had been off with today. Now she was starting to feel it even more; deep inside her was warning her of something.

Lola hissed at her and Stella felt another carress on her cheek. Stella was not a telepath, but ghosts had their own way of sending impressions into people without using words. You too? the hiss of surprise seemed to say. She knew her friend was shocked that her intuition was so acute, since pokemon had a way of sensing things that their trainer did not.

"So I'm not crazy or paranoid." The girl murmured, her silver eyes softening. "That's always a good sign." With another smile she made a burst of lightning appear directly overhead and screw reality. Coincidently however, a particularly loud clap of thunder blasted the air and the sidewalk gasped and some screamed. Stella laughed at her luck and slipped through the mass of people as if there was nothing to be afraid of. There wasn't really, it was all in their heads.

Keitaro Kimura
Castelia City

:Did you hear that last bit of thunder?: Tsubaki asked as she pulled her trainer insistently towards the Pokemon Center. She deiberately avoided the word "see," since she knew it would prompt a dry "Well I can't see" remark from Keitaro. :I pity whatever tree or building that lightning bolt hit. It was enormous! You should not be outside during a storm like this.: The front doors slid open and the duo entered the Pokemon Center, which was rapidly becoming crowded from all of the other refugees. Tsubaki slipped her hand into her Keitaro's so they would not become separated.

The blind man smiled a gentle smile and adjusted his glasses, which were close to falling off. He didn't need them to see, since he was blind, but people noticed his eyes quicker that way. :Knowing you, you would just direct the lightning somewhere else.: He answered, following her footsteps towards what he assumed was a chair. Usually crowds did not bother him, but dozens of people crammed into a tiny space like this could be bothersome.

The Gardevoir sniffed and managed to find an empty chair, pointedly ignoring the growls from the Leipard a few seats away. Some people should honestly control their pokemon better. :And why should I do that and waste my energy when we could just stay here and be safe? Besides, you'll catch a cold in the rain.: She knew Keitaro did not need help sitting down so she claimed the chair right next to him.

The man smiled and leaned back in his new seat, interlacing his fingers and resting his chinon them. His head tilted towards his friend, the presence in his mind giving him the direction that she was in. :Rain doesn't make you sick, viruses and bacteria do,: he replied with a slight smirk, gently teasing his companion.

He did not need to see to know that Tsubaki was narrowing her eyes at him. The telepathic link she constantly kept open to him filtered her emotions through. :Regardless, it threatens your health to be stuck in the rain and lightning.:

Keitaro laughed good naturedly. :Yes, it does.: He agreed, knowing it would please her. He heard someone apologizing profusedly, although he could only hear snatches of the conversation over the many others going on throughout the room. He tugged his scarf on tighter, and uneasy feeling giving him the sudden chills.

Rai and Sora Hayabusa
Envoys of Taste and Smell
Nimbasa City

"So step right up and--"

"--let us amaze you!"


"--light shows--"



"--things that defying the senses and--"

"--trick them. All right here!"

It was hard not to notice the twins, and not just because they were constantly changing the speaker. Rai was standing on his hands while his twin brother Sora was standing on top of him, the soles of their shoes fitting each other perfectly. People gasped at the balance the twins had and many were expecting them to fall, but when you had the synchronization that the twins had it was hard to mess up. Around them were balls of lightning and colored beams shooting around playfully, catching attention from far off. The effects were from Rai's Jolteon, Blitz, and Sora's Mime Jr., ironically named after his brother. Blitz would shoot lightning from his fur and Rai would wave his hands and manipulate them to do tricks.

"Care for a snack? A dollar each." Sora said, waving his hand at the assortment of fruits and candy laid out on the blanket in front of them.

"Why are you selling food when this is an acrobat show?" A boy asked, putting a dollar in the cash register that was suspiciously open. Just because you were a Ditto didn't mean that your transformations were limited to pokemon.

"We did not say it was just acrobats," Rai said with a winning smile. His voice was slightly deeper than his twins, which was the only way to tell them apart besides their clothes.

"Even though it was implied." Sora finished for him. "Try the food, you'll be shocked."

The boy just shrugged and picked out an apple. He bit it and then paused. "It tastes like chocolate," he said in amazement, causing the people around him to turn their gaze to the ordinary looking apple.

"All part of the show," Rai told him. "We can make it taste like anything you want."

Clearly their customer didn't believe him. "Alright then, change the flavor. Oranges." He said, giving them a challenging stare.

The only thing Rai did was smile. "Fine, taste it again." He watched as his command was obeyed and the shocked youth stood with an apple in his hand that tasted like oranges. At least, he believed it tasted like oranges. It was much easier to fool someone when they believed the illusion was true. Money started flowing in as the crowd bought food to see what mysterious tastes it would behold, and Rai had to concentrate to make each different. He didn't mind to much, it was strengthening his skill, but it felt like the mental equivilant of juggling.

:Problems, dear brother?: Sora asked, grinning wickedly.

:You wish,: Rai shot back. :I don't know why I have to be bottom this time. Being on top makes it so much easier to concentrate.:

Sora's laughter filled his head. :That statement could be taken in an interesting way,: he replied, letting his brother see exactly where his thoughts were taking him.

:Oh shutup,: Rai snapped, his face paling and nearly losing his balance. He gave his twin a quick mental smack (no one seemed to notice Sora flinch and hold his head) and went back to his illusion. "More buyers?" He asked as a few more people gathered around. "We even take requests."

((Hmm, something seems off about Rai and Sora's intro to me....It was typed quickly cause there's a storm just outside and I didn't want to blow out my comp again.))
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