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Chris Knight
End of Route 29/Cherrygrove Town

After traveling in the forest for so many days, Chris was relieved to see what looked like civilization. A quaint town, not unlike New Bark. Slightly larger, but not enough to notice the difference. Chris sighed. "Are all towns I see on my journey going to be this small? I might actually start missing Goldenrod..." he immediately regretted his words, realizing if he had stayed, he would have never met Light or Noctus.

Putting the decision out of his head, he began to jog. When he was only about a half-mile away, something abruptly stopped him. Darting in his path, a small child stood in front of him. A girl, about Chris's age, quickly came chasing after. "Matt, slow down! You're going to bump into-" her voice stopped as she rammed into Chris. They fell to the ground, then slowly got to their feet. "Sorry, I was trying to control my brother." the girl frowned, as her brother sat on the ground laughing. "It's fine," Chris responded; living with the Knights had given him a lot of experience with little children.

"What's your name?" he asked, more to be polite than actual curiosity. "I'm Celia, and this is Matt." she pointed to the child, who had started to run into the forest. "Matt!" she frowned, then slowly began to follow him. "Wait, Celia! I have a better idea." she came back to him, just as he threw the Pokeball in the air. "Hoo!" Noctus cried, ready for what he thought would be battle. "Go find Celia's brother, then use Hypnosis on him. When he's sleeping, bring him back here." Noctus nodded, then took off. Celia thanked him repeatedly, but Chris simply shook it off.

"So why does Matt want to go to the forest so badly?" the two teenagers sat on the ground, watching Light as he ran around mindlessly. "He wants to train his Pokemon; my mother decided if I was to have a Pokemon, so should he." Chris was confused. "You're a Pokemon trainer?"

"Yup!" Celia reached for a Pokeball, cleverly concealed in her pocket. Throwing it onto the ground, a brown fox-like pokemon came out. "Wow, that's a cool pokemon!" Chris whipped out the Pokedex, listening carefully. "Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Eevee is a unique Pokémon that can adapt to its environment by changing its form and abilities when evolving." "That's so cool!"

"Want to battle? Eevee's already out of her ball, and we don't have anything to do until your other Pokemon comes back..." Celia sounded like she was unsure, but Chris accepted. Pulling Light from under a bush, he plopped the electric mouse in front of Eevee. "Light, start with a Tail Whip, then go in for a Thundershock!" Light wagged his tail cutely, but Eevee did not seem too impressed. "You think that's cute? Watch this. Tail Whip!" Celia commanded. Eevee wagged her furry tail around, mesmerizing Light. It then pounded itself into Light, hitting him straight back to the bush where he was hiding.

"C'mon Light, we have to battle!" Chris pulled him out once again, but Light did not seem too happy. "Thundershock, now!" Light did what he was told, shocking the little creature in front of him. It went in for another Tackle, but Chris managed to bark out a command first. "Dodge, then another Thundershock!" Light jumped into the air, narrowly missing a collision. "I don't think so! Eevee, dodge!" Light prepared his attack, but Eevee was faster than she looked. Diving to one side, she managed to evade the attack.

"Don't let this take so long! Two Thundershocks!" Light used it yet again, hitting Eevee with two bolts of yellow energy. Looking fairly unconscious, Chris began to celebrate. "Woohoo!" but then, it got back up and hit Light with a devastating Tackle. "Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean that I can't fight! Tackle again!" Celia was happy, knowing her plan had worked. The evolution pokemon ran straight towards Light, who was quickly pummeled into the ground.

"Oh no, Light! If you can still fight, try Thundershock!" Light got to his feet, but after hearing his command was not as happy. Seriously? Just gonna spam Thundershock all day?" Light sighed, then prepared his move once again. It hit Eevee dead on, but did not do much damage. "What's happening?" Chris said, not knowing why his attack was not doing much. "Just keep using Thundershock!" "Counter him with Tackles!" the two pokemon used their respective moves over and over, as the two trainers squabbled. Light looked like he was taking a lot more damage than Eevee, who looked like she was enjoying herself. Finally, Chris decided to take on a new tactic.

"Light! Climb that tree!" Chris pointed to a fairly old tree, which was overhanging the battle scene. Light, slightly confused, swiftly rose up onto the tree. "Eevee, follow him!" the brown fox nodded, then scaled the tree as well. The two pokemon stood on a branch as it trembled slightly. Light jumped, and Eevee could do nothing but duck. The force of Light's landing made Eevee rise into the air, bumping her head on a tree branch. She fell to the ground, about a 10-15 feet drop. When Light got down to the bottom of the tree, he saw that his opponent was already done for. Chris pumped his fist in the air, then thought of a more important matter. "How did you stop Thundershock from doing damage?" Celia laughed. "Before our battle, Eevee was using Sand-attack. By covering herself in a natural insulator, she took no damage by your petty electrical shocks." "Wow, that's awesome!" Chris said, but his voice was covered.

"THAT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME YOU GUYS OH MY GOD!" Matt had returned, brought back to consciousness by Noctus. He sat on the ground, obviously exhausted. "You did good, Noctus." returning the owl pokemon back to his ball, he took another look at Light. Also extremely tired, he was sitting on the ground, eyes shut. "You too, Light." he was also returned to his ball, at the same time that Eevee was. "Good match," Chris said, reaching to shake her hand. "You too." they slowly packed up their gear, then headed into the city. Not much happened; they simply went to the Pokemon Center, got their pokemon healed, then tucked in for the night.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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