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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

00C: Hoping for a level up :3

Route 29
Part 4, No entry for you

Scout sprung up, giving it the high ground and the potential to draw far more damage out of his attacks. With a frown, he exposed his claws, and readied his left paw for the strike. The air around him felt fast as gusts of wind blew right at his face. Sentret wasn’t fazed however, as his dark eyes focused on the target. In just a few seconds, he would take the swing, and hopefully, get a good hit in.

Mint smirked, and just as the brown rodent was homing in, did was she was best at. Bouncing from the ground, she followed Scout’s movements. Startled from having missed, he turned and looked up, locking eyes with the Chikorita momentarily. Without blinking, she pulled her emerald green head leaf to the right, and fired it in the opposite direction, creating several sharp projectiles. This attack, appropriately named razor leaf, rained down on Sentret.

Cursing himself for having underestimated this hyper creature, Scout was forced to dance between each of the shots in order to avoid their wrath. However, despite his best footwork, fell short and ended up taking more damage than intended. Each of the projectiles that struck managed to inflict minor cuts, giving him a sick taste of his own medicine.

However, the Sentret’s real problem now was that his nervousness was started to fester. Mint was at a higher level, he knew, and had a long range attack at her disposal, something she lacked in the previous encounter.

On the other side of the play battle, things were going much better. The grass type had already managed to dish out a good amount of damage without taking much herself. Gaining razor leaf had worked wonders, and this fight was almost incomparable to the last.

Observing this was a teenage girl, clad in a blue summer dress and canvass shoes. Her eyes were darting between both Pokémon studying their attack patterns and reactions closely. She hadn’t really been fond of the pitting her own teammates against each other like this, especially since they’d fought earlier. However, the region’s top ranked training magazine, Encounter!, had suggested this. The article stated that it was a good way to grasp each Pokémon’s unique fighting style, since the pressure should be lower than normally. No commands were to be given either.

“Oh, w-watch out!” she shouted, as more of Mint’s leaves neared Scout. He banked to the left, but wasn’t fast enough to dodge the blunt of the attack and was hit hard. “M-maybe we should stop,”

However, the brown rodent pulled himself off the ground, and gave his head a shaking. He couldn’t back down, not now. This didn’t change the fact that his heart was pounding, and uneasiness had set in. She… seemed to have all the angles covered! When he charged, Chikorita always just hopping up and forced a miss. Why… wait a minute…

Mint just gave him a grin, not aware of the nervous state her friendly foe was now in. This was all for fun, after all! And, exciting this was turning out to be, although having Summer to back her up was… better.

When the brown rodent charged, all the grass type had to do was jump up. She, however, was a little surprised to see him take the leap, almost like he’d been anticipation the action all along. The grass type was unable to make any sort of escape attempt, and felt the familiar of pain scratch had to offer.

They both made secure landings following the mid-air attack. Feeling less anxious, Scout turned to face his opponent. Mint, however, kept her red eyes in the opposite direction. Something, she’d heard something coming from over there! Not hesitating a moment longer, she started westward, leaving the battle behind.

“W-wait! Where are you going?” Summer called, watching the green quadrupedal creature run off. “C-come back!”

Scout, on the other hand, seemed annoyed. What was that for! And just when he was turning the fight around too!

Wasting no time the brunette started after her starter, beckoning Sentret to follow along. With a sigh, the brown creature joined his trainer and the two followed behind Mint. Despite being a poor runner, Summer managed to do fairly for the first few minutes, although her Pokémon quickly passed ahead of her.

They managed to catch up rather easily, thanks to Mint’s stopping. Summer was about to inquire as to why she bolted, but then noticed a shining light coming from the direction the Pokémon was starting into.

“Is, is that what y-you saw?” she asked, trying to figure out the exact source of the small, yet bright glimmer. The Chikorita nodded about a dozen times, and then started forward, slowly this time. “B-be careful,” Summer warned, but started moving forward herself. The bushes rustled violently as they moved through them, making their dawdling speed useless.

“Chik!” the grass type exclaimed, once they emerged from the leaves. Her paw (?) was pointed directly at… a silver wristwatch. It was pretty amazing that Mint had managed to see the glare of this gizmo from where they were, actually. However, the girl’s attention swiftly shifted to its owner, who was clad in the blue uniform of a Johto official. He looked about Pine’s ago, and seemed to be guarding the entrance to a gatehouse. Had something happened?

Stepping sheepishly forward seemed to give the grass type the clearing she needed to approach that… shining object. Ditching the slow pace, Mint returned to her usual quick bounces.

“W-wait!” Summer was not able to get the Pokémon to return or even lessen her speed. In the bat of an eye, she was right in front of the man, eyeing the glistening watch.

“Oh! Who do we have ‘ere?” he asked, in a friendly enough voice. The assumed guard also moved his hand, shifting the angle the sun hit the time keeping gizmo, and made the glimmer vanish. Puzzled, Chikorita gave him a look that mirrored her sentiment.

“S-sorry about t-that,” Summer stuttered, not meeting the man’s brown eyes. She, instead, focused on her starter, who was still appeared confused.

“This must be your Pokémon, correct?” he questioned, bringing his attention to the young trainer. Instead of replying with words, she simply nodded her head in confirmation. “Sure is a curious little fellow you got here,” he started, “but you might consider trainin’ it a little more.”


“Didn’t listen to ya when you called it.” Was the response, which sounded a little less condensing then it was worded.

“O-oh,” Summer responded, feeling her heart sink a little.

Meanwhile, Scout had followed his trainer, and when he noticed what Mint seemed to be eyeing, face palmed. This was what drew her here?!

“Don’t you worry too much though,” he added, noticing the expression on the girl’s face. “You a rookie?”


“Then I guess I’m sorry, but I can’t let you pass” the guard stated, leaving Summer in the same state as Mint was.

“P-pass? Why?” she asked, hoping it would explain.

“You need some of ‘em gym badges to get though this here gatehouse.” He explained, and the teenager nodded shyly. She didn’t need an explanation of what those were, she already knew.

“G-guess we won’t waste anymore of your t-time,” she added, and started forward, Scout following close behind.

“No problem,” he simply added, confirming it with a nod of his own.

Mint, however, didn’t move very far until she was explained what had caused the glistening of light. Even then, she was hesitant to press forward, but did so anyway. After a few minutes of walking, however, she quickly returned to her bouncing around, a little to the annoyance of Scout.

The group continued down the dirt road, heading slowly but surely toward Cherrygrove, the next town!

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