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Default Re: {RP} Sonic: Distant Worlds {RP}

Luna and Nadia

Nadia sighed and thought a moment before she spoke again after being told there was not much she could do, although Sage seemed interested in her healing abilities. "I can heal...but I can't use much more than a few more simple spells. I specialize in air magic, actually." Nadia admitted easily, glancing at Skye at rather frequent intervals. "If there's anything we can do..."

"Nadia, I know that look, if the darkness bothers you that much, get away from him." Luna sighed before addressing Sage herself. "I believe that would depend on Miss Etel's willingness to spar. I wouldn't mind, though, if she agrees." Luna said, it was something to do, and she needed just that if she was going to keep herself from worrying herself to death, between the memories of her home and Skye's appearance.


Sola glanced at Sara and tilted her head. "Fly, no. Levitate, yes. Do you have a spefic place we need to go before I do it? Levitation is an energy-killer." The fox said simply, sounding as though she were actually trying to pull a plan together.

OOC: Short and suckish, but I posted! XD BTW, will be away from home until next Friday, we're supposed to have wifi where we're going but I dunno if my laptop will like the password to get on the wifi. It has a problem with letters in the passwords.

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