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Default Re: Illusionary Truth [RP]

Aki Shibayama and Haru Aozora
Veil of Touch and Non-Alt
Castelia City

Aki heard all the people in the Pokemon Center jump and shift at the sound of all the thunder, yet she didn't move an inch. She couldn't see anything more than her flip-flops, as the Pokemon Center had a "No shoes, no shirt, no service" kind of policy and she didn't want to make a big scene about using her psychic power to "see" and since it only really worked with her bare feet... She had allowed Musei to lead her to a free seat gently. It was only with her shoes on that you could tell Aki was blind without her telling you, and even then, she was still a pretty good actor. Her sightless eyes seemed to stare resolutely forward and her head twitched as she adjusted it to catch sounds and makes sense of the world around her. She was acutely aware of Vashuka around her legs drawing attention, but the Liepard herself didn't appreciate it, hissing at anyone who came near enough to Aki for her to deem it "too" close. Her lips twitched faintly upwards each time it happened and she heard Vashuka growl and the surprised reaction everyone seemed to produce. Musei seemed to find it amusing as well, his soft laughs filled her mind with a melodious sound Aki thought she would never stop loving, Elegance was doing the same, except Aki kept getting vibrations from her own muted laughter and rocking that showed her the Gothorita thought it was hysterical. And then she met the young man who seemed to show no fear.

She heard Vashuka growl, but no responding sound that said the approacher had backed away. "Excuse me, Miss, but your Liepard...would it be shiny?" An upbeat-sounding male voice asked her. Aki answered out of sheer surprise the not only had he not bothered to react to her growling Liepard, but he also had the guts to ignore Vashuka enough to as her a question. Her head tilted up slightly to suggest she was looking up at him.

"Vashuka? No. Her coloring is odd, but it's not because she's shiny, it because she was the subject of a genetic experimentation before I got her. Shinies are supposed to be a different color. No sure what color, but not mostly black like Vashuka." She said, just before another clap of thunder exploded and scared most of those in the Pokemon Center half to death, including the male in front of her. Once again, she didn't move in the slightest, except to smile.

"How did that not scare the crap out of you?" The male demanded to know, Aki kept a very Cheshire catlike grin.

"It just doesn't bother me." She replied plainly. she didn't know him, and she couldn't "see" him. /Musei.../ Aki called telepathically to her Gallade, who seemed to understand well enough.

/His surface thoughts show nothing suspicious, I believe I can safely say he means you no harm, he was just curious about Vashuka and the way you don't react to the thunder./ Musei replied back quickly, Aki smiled.

/Thanks, Musei./

/It's my job to keep you safe, Aki. don't mention it. And you're staring over his--/

"Is there a reason you're blatantly staring over my head, Miss?" He sounded somewhat annoyed, Aki blinked and curse her bad luck.

"You got a problem with it? Can't help I can't see." She snapped sharply, and she got the impression in her mind of Musei facepalming while Elegance rocked with laughter beside her again.

/Very tactful, Aki./ Musei groaned, and she turned her head to him.

/You know I despise tact, Musei. Too flowerdy for me./ She grumbled back. Musei shook his head even as the boy sputtered in the background.

"I-I-I-I...I'm so sorry! That was out of hand for me to say, I didn't realize... Agh... Sorry again, I... My name is Haru Aozora." He said quickly, and Aki heard a whoosh as something flew through the air and stopped abruptly.

"If you offering your hand for me to shake," She spoke dryly and sounded rather annoyed before she waved her hand before her sightless eyes in reminder. "I repeat, can't see." This caused more sputtering and apologies upon more screwups, to which Aki shook her head and corrected with less and less patience. This was much to Musei's mounting interest and amusement, which Aki didn't find funny either. Today would be a long day...and aside from that, she caught the distinct feeling something big was going to happen soon.

Michelle Toya
Veil of Vision

It's too loud here... Michelle thought bitterly, glancing at the many people milling around her. Their surface thoughts blared like many radios cranked on max and playing all at once, but she fought to tune them out.

/Then why did we come, Miche?/ Michelle's eyes cut to the Gardevoir who floated elegantly next to her. The question was not meant to be anything other than that--a simple question, not rude but curious.

"Because I feel Mother or Little Sister might call on us soon. I swear it seems like the air is supercharged with expectation--and not the good kind, Cam..." Michelle murmured softly, glancing around. she wished that she could totally tune the world out, but their thoughts would not be shut out by the girl who who hear all of them. The girl who could see their desires, their dreams, their dirty little secrets... "People." Michelle spat the word sharply, there were far too many in this city whose feelings and dreams and such disgusted her, but she shook her head and took it. /So many disgust me./ She confided in Camellia, the Gardevoir smiled sympathetically and wrapped her arms around Michelle's small shoulders and allowed herself to be dragged along as she hugged her trainer.

/True... So many wish to know what people are thinking, yet the gift is not nearly as great as it may seem./ Cam said pointedly.

"No joke." Michelle muttered, and kept walking through the turbulent seas of people and of people's thoughts that surrounded her.

OOC: To clarify, Miche is the telepathic one, but Musei stays almost constantly halfway in Aki's mind for easy communication, therefore she can talk telepathically with him. While Elegance might do it from time to time as well, she cannot do this with her other, non-Psychic pokemon.

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