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Default Re: [RP] Battle for Kikuchi: Chaos Reigns

((Seeing as Metal isn't posting, I'll just slide this right in.

PS Winter: Y u make me wanna spam with songs? D: ))

Captain Dax
Small field next to Omisa's camp

The breeze stirred the air, prompting the long blades of grass to gently wave back and forth as if in a dance. A few loose petals were shaken from the cherry blossom tree and the bright pink flecks twirled away in the wind. Underneath the tree sat Captain Dax, using the shade for comfort. His triple-pointed spear lay in front of him, nearly hidden in the grass, but he did not look at it. His dark eyes followed the petals until they were carried away from his vision, into the horizon. He turned to look at his fingers, steepled in front of his face, elbows resting on his knees. A very small smile stretched his lips and he let his eyes slide shut on their own accord.

The Captain enjoyed quiet days like this, and he knew that he might as well enjoy them while he still could. The camp was far too tense for his tastes, and being overly sensitive to the emotions of others stressed him out more than it should. He knew people tended to avoid this particular field because it was too hilly for drills or training, so Dax claimed the spot as his own and often went there to meditate. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately. It was an excellent way to relive stress, and with the incoming war and the emperor dead and Omisa allying them to thgose strange foreigners...Dax felt as if years of work were piling up on him rather than two weeks. His meditating allowed his head to clear as he felt the energy of the earth flow into him.

Many saw only the flesh of their eyelids when they closed their eyes, but mystics were not many. Dax could see the energy world scattered across the darkness. The grass had turned a dull gray from its low energy, but underneath it were large streams of silver enegry that marked the flow of mana in the world. They flowed like rivers, but had a certain rhythm that was reminiscent of a heart beating. Scattered across the landscape were bright white dots that were the animals. A glowing rabbit hopped by and a flock of birds flew overhead, burning white starts soaring in a black sky. However the brightest lights of all were humans. Dax was situated where he could see both camps, and the auras and chakras of so many humans blended together and painted the energy world in rainbow colors. A spot of blight unfortunately marred the picture.

Life radiated energy outwards, but death sucked it back in. Dax could see it from his position: a dark vortex in Saku's encampent that was draining the life out of the person it was in. The Captain knew exactly who it was without even reading their aura. Hanbei had always been a little sickly, but it seemed to be catching up with him now, his aura barely had any color left to it. Dax felt his throat tighten; like many of the others, he had been found of the young one who seemed to cheer everybody up by simply being in the same room with them. He knew how to laugh in times of war, which was really saying something. Not to mention that he was always picking up stray animals, which Dax had to take later on. As of this moment he had ten cats in his rooms, and the courtyards had even more. For a moment he wished dearly that he was in Saku's camp, at Hanbei's side. Mystics were amazing healers since they could manipulate the energies of the body, and he at least wanted to say that he tried to do something to help his friend. Deep down inside he knew it would not work, just like with the emperor.

A two bright lights flamed to his left, thankfully tearing his attention from the friend that he was also going to lose to death. They were the brightest lights out of them all, casting out energy the same way the sun cast light. Not even his father, the most powerful man he ever knew, had been so bright. One of them was a veritible bonfire of energy, his aura a pure, dazzling white that was almost painful to look at. All seven chakras were light and to Dax's utter shock the crown chakra was the most active. The top chakra connected you to the gods and was the center of conscious thought, and it was always the most subtle one. It made Dax wary of the strangers and he wondered just how human they really were.

He sighed and opened his eyes, jerking himself away from the energy orld and back to reality. His gaze was dark and brooding, his thoughts turned towards the strange visitors from the other realm: Sekai Joutei and Akai Sasori. Both of them had enough power at their disposal to shake the foundations of reality. The man named Sasori often bragged about how he could stop time and Dax had seen Sekai bring a dying tree back into full bloom just by touching it. They were incredibly dangerous, that was for certain, but at the same time they had not shown any aggression towards them at all.

He leaned against the tree and watched the clouds drift by. For the first time his meditating had not done much to calm his thoughts. The least he could hope for was that this silly fighting would end soon.

((Lol pointless rambling is pointless.))

Sekai Joutei and Akai Sasori
The next field over

"The hills are alive with the sound of music/With songs they have sung for a thousand years~..." Sekai sang as he twirled in the field, arms out and his gray cloak swinging behind him dramatically. He looked as happy as a child in this land, with its clean fields and the sweet smell of flowers.

Near him, Sasori was trying not to let his eye twitch. He was afraid that any moment his brain was going to shut down from the scene in front of him. The Composer, ruler of the UG and demigod in his own right, dancing in a field of flowers and singing The Sound of Music, for the love of all that was holy! It would be branded into his brain for all eternity. "Composer," he said, quickly breaking up the song before more future mental trauma could be implanted in his head. "What are we doing so far out here? We've almost wnadered into Saku's territory."

Sekai flashed him a smile. His teeth were white as milk and perfectly straight. "Who cares about Saku? These people certainly are interesting, but I'm waiting for their allies to get here. I'm much more concerned with the technology the Kikiuchians have told us about. Just think of it: airships! You only hear about that stuff in sci-fi stories!" He flopped onto the ground and gestured for Sasori to sit next to him. The Conductor noticed that the grass and flowers seemed to be pointed towards Sekai, the same way they grew towards the sun.

"What if they start fighting?" Sasori asked, absently fingering the hilt on his katana.

"If they fight, then they will fight," Sekai said with a dismissing wave of his hand. "It is no concern of ours. If anything it would be pleasant to stir up some trouble, just for the fun of it."

Sasori raised an eyebrow at him, which was perfectly matched. The silver eyes playfully challeneged him to contradict the statement, but Sasori knew how well the Composer liked to argue. "Would it not be better just to let them go about their ways and hunt down this 'Alphonse' character on our own?" he replied.

"It probably would, but as I stated, these people are interesting. Not to mention I would love to see them fight. I haven't seen a large scale battle in centuries, the UG always shifted away from the fighting." It almost sounded as if Sekai was pouting, but the Composer did not pout. Sasori refused to believe in any of that nonsense.

((Lol, Sekai isn't all sunshine and rainbows. He really wants to see everyone killing each other XD))

Arthur Kirkland and Ivan Braginsky
Cestaille Dockyards

"IVAN!! Ivan where the hell are you?! Vodka-drinking bastard, we are leaving any moment and I'm five minutes way from leaving you behind!" Arthur Kirkland yelled out to the docks while the rest of crew were hoisted the sails of the airship up. This would be the first time the tank-airship hybrid had to fly on an extended voyage, all the way to Kikuchi. The Zollerns had promised him that the ship would be able to make it, but ever since it was fused with a tank's body it had become considerably heavier. Even now he could see the huge cannon poking out of the prow and the long tank trends folded into the sides of the ship. He thought the design would be awkward and cumbersome but it flew surprisingly.

It still didn't stop him from wanting his old ship back though.

"Ready to go Capt'n!" One of the deckhands (Swabby?) hollered at him. "Should we untie her?"

"No," Arthur called back. "I'm giving the Lovskayan two more minutes and if he's not here then you can fly off." He turned back towards the docks, his large eyebrows furrowed angrily. He tapped the rails and glanced at his pocketwatch every few seconds. They really were on a tight schedule, but he knew that if he left his partner behind them he would run the risk of getting in trouble. Stupid laggers.

Exactly one minute and fifty seconds later, he saw the giant the giant form of Ivan Braginsky making his way towards the ship. He moved through the crowds like a wolf through sheep, and some people even scrambled to get out of his way. He was smiling widely, as usual, and climbed the ladder with a spring in his step. "A nice day for flying, da~?" He asked in that odd singsong voice of his.

"Where have you been?!" Arthur demanded as the giant man hit the floor of the deck with a thud. "I was this close to leaving you behind!" he started to pull up the ladder and gave the signal for the crew to start making sure everything was tied down. Take-offs could be rough.

"Aww, I'm glad you were kind enough to wait for me!" Ivan chirped, causing Arthur's eye to go huge. "But it's not my fault, I had to go into mob territory to get what I needed. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get an submachine gun in this country? I had to go four dealers before I could buy one--" as he spoke he reached into his coat and started showing Arthur what he was referring to, something that looked like a cross between a pistol and a carbine.

"Put that away this instant! Have you lost your bloody mind?!" Arthur yelled, shoving Ivan's hands back into his coat. "Good gods, you don't bring stuff like that onto an airship! Those are illegal."

"Illegal in Indelran, you mean," Ivan said with a smile. "And illegal here as well, technically speaking. However since this craft is also under Lovskayan supervision as of late I'm sure they won't mind." He was still smiling, but at least he wasn't going to pull the gun out again.

Arthur sighed and ran a hand through his hair, not caring if it messed up. "Why do you even need one of those? We are already piloting a craft that is a combination of the two most deadly vehicles ever created, I doubt you really need another weapon." He was making his way up to the wheel with Ivan right behind him. The man honestly had no concept of personal space.

"Da, but what if we are caught away from the ship moy droog? It would be nice to have a very destructive weapon at hand. I've heard that they can now through the masses rather quickly. We'd be pulverizing them, thinking of it as smashing a grapefruit with a hammer!"

Arthur did not want to think about that, or be included in any of Ivan's sadistic fantasies, and yet a small part of his mind could see it very well. "Whatever," he muttered. He learned that sometimes it was just best to drop the subject with Ivan, or else the conversation would get so screwed up that he would need to take a shower afterwards. "Just don't wave it around the crewmates or else they'll get nervous."

"Da~! Spasiba, vi ochin dabry Arthur!" Ivan said and patted him on the head (Arthurtried to swat him but he dodge dit nimbly.) He turned and went down into the cabin to his quarters; Arthur hoped he was putting the gun away. He had only a vague of what Ivan had just said so he was guessing at this point. Most Indelrans could understand Lovskayan, since they were neighbors, but Ivan talked way too fast for Arthur to keep up.

There was a jerk as the engines kicked on, almost causing Arthur to lose his balance. For some reason the Zollerns had decided to fuse the tank and airship engines together as well so they would work in harmony with each other. It was the reaon why the ship wasn't falling out of the sky like a brick from all of the added weight, but it was also very rough and no matter where you were you could hear the engines working. Arthur gripped the wheel in his hands and waited for them to lift the anchor so they could get going.

((Yes, that's Russian. However it's phonetic Russian, since I knew that probably none of you would be able to understand the Russian alphabet.))
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