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Default Illusionary Truth [RP]


It is what makes reality ever more subjective to those without the sense to deter what is real from what is not. Few have the power to make these illusions in subtle ways simply for entertainment. Years ago, some would of called it magic or sorcery, but that would be calling it incorrectly. By those who can understand what the true nature of illusions are, can fully take control of it and manipulate truth, for that is just as subjective to reality.

Many centuries ago, the origin of what is now a myth took place. During one evening after the hours of dusk, there came to be a dividing ideal between a Zoroark pack. One part of the pack believed they should use their illusion powers whenever necessary in order to keep themselves from danger and conflict, and only to maintain distance between humans to remain hidden. The other side of the pack believed they should use their illusionary prowess to overcome the other species and maintain their legacy through great acts that would be carved into history. The pack could never settle on a compromise, thus a deceitful battle began. Both using their natural abilities to manipulate reality, each side of the Zoroark pack tried to outdo the other using tactics that reflected their respective views. The battles grew so intense that all other outside parties began to become victims of the illusions. Everyone started to believe something different, everyone started to understand something that differed from anotherís. Soon enough, the pack themselves began to become disorientated in their own war, and were unable to discern reality from what they had created.

Amidst the confounded perceptions came a small group of humans, thinking of the world as some kind of alternate dimension. Travellers who had not been able to stay in one place long and learn of a single place being not what was or what is. They saw the confusion and took a few of the Illusion foxes out of the fray. From which side of the original conflict, or if from both, no one was sure, only that these were the first few Zoroark who had been out of their own illusion in a long time. Looking upon these humans and their Pokťmon companions, the Zoroark gave upon them the ability to manipulate parts of an illusion in order to see the truth.

The damage of the illusion onslaught was never truly repaired that day, as illusion still runs in the world with the wind. Knowing this, the original travelers who earned the right of Zoroark knowledge to manipulate these illusions, passed down their skills to other generations, be it by their children or non-blood relatives. Those who were able to know this knowledge were chosen by Zorua and Zoroark, either by showing up just for a moment in front of the person, or by the monster foxes taking said person to their own home. There was always a Zorua or Zoroark to teach the rarely selected human and Pokťmon about the ways of illusion.

In the modern day, these special folk still linger around, often distant from society. No one knows about these people, and anyone who ever gets an idea is usually deterred without them even being aware of it. This however, does not bode well for the original beliefs of one line of Zoroark. This line, directly descending from the pack that wished their powers to be known, and some humans also follow the same ideals. These humans, be it because they were wrongfully taken away from their families, or simply for the power or revenge, the reasons are endless. There are those who wish only for their secret to remain a secret in order to maintain their own peace. Some have decided to try and return to a normal life, leaving the shadowed life of the illusion masters behind. Some who try to investigate into the myth draw closer into a conflict that soon may erupt out of proportion once again.

Those who are trained by the Zorua and Zoroark know themselves as Alternates, Alterís or Altís for short. These people know how to manipulate the illusion connected to one perceptive sense, be it sight, sound, feel or even taste. These illusions work well on common people with a mind that is not completely focused. It is harder to create an effective illusion around other Altís, and Altís can sense when another illusion is being used. Illusions are not always a sure fire thing to work on those with a strong mind, as they may be able to see through it. All Altís in general have the ability to disappear from sight rather quickly and easily when no one is really looking. No this is not invisibility, think more like a ninja.

-The story will start out taking place in Unova-

These Altís and following Illusion Foxes believe their power to be able to manipulate the perceived truth should be known and they should make use of it in the real world. These people may be out for redemption of having lost their family if they were taken by a Zoroark. Some may be out for power, be it in a minor or grand scale. They wish to make themselves known.

These Altís wish their identity as Alternateís remain a secret along with their abilities and society. This may be out of fear or knowing that their powers may be abused for unruly gain. Some may do it for the memory of why Alternateís exist; in order to repair illusion from the world and set it back as it should be.

Impartial to either side of the oncoming conflict, these people keep their abilities a secret and wish to have a normal life away from the Alternate society. This may be from wanting to be free or wishing to return back to their previous life. Shade Altís are often seen as abandoners of their art, despite that they donít go out of their way to abuse it or never use it again.
The usual PE2K RP rules apply.
Romance is allowed, keep it within a PG thing for the younger ones.
No legendaries, but shinies and recolours allowed, minor altered Pokťmon allowed.
Have fun or else I will shank some people.


Shade of Sound
Castiella City

Busy city streets...constant meaningless chattering...easily unseen...yeah, it was the typical city.

Sitting on top of one of the highest buildings in Catiella city had it's perks, no pun intended. No one bothered you up here, no one could. It was just me, Sonja and Shorai. I reflected back on these two, looking at each of then respectively as I thought about them. Shorai, the big shiny Galvantula next to me, crawling on some metal antennae, nibbling on it to get at the electricity it was hooked up to. It was the same way I found him in that attic. Sonja was flying around in circles and loops like the happy go lucky Swoobat she was. Shorai found her bother some and gave her a good shock when we met.

Myself, I wasn't anyone important, just someone with an ability for not sticking out. Hell you could call it invisible. When you were invisible, you could do a lot of things. In my personal prefference, I really only did things if I had to or was for my benefit. That's just how it was with me, as no one ever bothered with me unless it was for their benefit. Yeah I sw the world as a dark and conflicting place, but as long as I was free, I didn't care much for it.

I looked up at the sky, noticing the greyness of the clouds grow darker with each passing moment. In my mind I could hear thunder, but that was only because I wanted to be hearing it. It was only slightly raining a most, but no doubt within the next ten minutes it would start to pour.

Rain...dreary yet comforting. It was the one thing I loved besides my freedom I guess. The more I thought about the rain, the more I imagined the thunder rolling in my head, and soon enough, I could hear it outside. No, there wasn't any lightning, just me, making thunder. Being a sound Alternate, to me, was better than all the other senses. visual may of been a good thing to be able to tamper with every so often, but when people couldn't see, they relied on hearing. The dark gave peope enough paranoia to rely on what they heard for their own safety. Call me cold, but it sounds almost fun to mess with that.

I stood up on the ledge, feeling the wind start to pick up. I figured that if it was going to rain, I may as well of walked with it. I looked over the edge of the building, finding no one around to see me on the one side. Without a thought I leapt over the side, my scarf frantically fluttering upwards. I held one hand on my head to prevent my hat from going anywhere, as I liked my fedora quite a bit. As I free fell a bit in calm, I looked up to Sonja, who was following me. About half way down, she used Psychic to catch me, slowing my descent. She ut me on a fire escape in a crowded alleyway that didn't have anyone around, thunder still bellowing overhead.

My thunder.

I started to walk down the old metal stairs, moving with my natural cool haste and landing on the concrete with a soft thud once I was close enough to the ground. I saw Shorai climbing on the walls just above me, making the occsional jump between buildings. Sonja just hovered near my head, adjutsing my scarf accordingly. I replaced my shades back on my face and started walking. It wasn't to anywhere in particular, I just liked walking.

Something though, was at the back of my head...something seemed to be coming, and I had a good feeling I wasn't going to like it.
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