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Selma, Cherrygrove

The rest of the day Selma spent together with Flynn and his persistent sister Nicole. They had found a place in the middle of a park in Cherrygrove, where they could train and be without disturbing others. Nicole wanted to make Leds the Ledyba better, stronger, faster... And when Selma came to think about it, who was better at competitions than her?

"Right," she said when they had just eaten some lunch and Leds and Toto had been wrestling aimlessly for a while and Flynn had been sighing at least 5 times. "Let's have a race!"

"A race? Sounds fun!" Nicole said and got up. "But.. uh, what do you mean?"

"Star can fly and so can Leds. Let's make them race from one end of the park to the other! And we must mark some obstacles where they will have to fly around or underneath something."

"That's... actually a cool idea," Flynn said.

"It's brilliant!" Nicola said, beaming.

They set up the race. Nicole was standing at the start, Flynn under a low branch in a tree that they had to fly under, Toto was standing beside a fountain that they had to fly through and Selma was standing at a tree that they would fly around and then go back the same way through the track to Nicole again.

"On my mark..." Nicole said as Star and Leds where on the ground on the lawn where they started. They gave each other a look. Leds were a bit nervous. Star saw that... and it only spurred her on more. She smiled deviously. Leds twitched.

"Ready, set... go!"

The bird and the bug both took off from the ground in the blink of an eye. Leds was a bit faster in the start since it had stronger legs, but Star quickly caught up at the first mark where Flynn stood. "Pass under this branch!" he said and ran away to not get run over.

The two pokémon flew past him exactly at the same time. They continued to Toto, where he growled with his Totodile voice to make them remember what to do. Star smiled again and just before the fountain's beam she tackled Leds lightly. Leds spun around and missed the fountain while Star flew right through it and made a tiny splash. Leds angrily turned around and flew through the fountain as well. Toto cheered on both of them.

Star spotted Selma and rounded the tree before Leds. "Wohoo! That's the way to go!" her trainer called out to her. Star looked at her proudly and then looked up again, only to be tackled by Leds. This time the bird tumbled in the air and by the time she had struggled to get up to speed again, Leds had caught up with her. They swooshed through the fountain again, wetting Toto in the process, almost ran down Flynn under the low branch and then sped as fast as they could for the goal where Nicole stood.... and on the last part of the track, Star outran the bug. She won, even Nicole admitted it as she patted a disappointed Leds. Star was very proud of herself as Selma returned her into the pokéball when they gathered back at the finish line.

"Leds isn't very fast..." Nicole said weakly.

"What are you talking about?" Selma said. "He was almost as fast as a Starly, and those are quick little birds!... aren't they, Flynn?"

"From what I've heard and seen, yes."

"But still, how can Leds win if he isn't fast?" Nicole said, tears almost in her eyes, hugging the bug who was now comforting his trainer instead.

Flynn facepalmed. "She isn't listening. As usual."

"Oh, there are many ways to win a battle. I'm sure," Selma said and scratched her head. "We'll just... try something else."


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- Star grew to level 5 and learned Quick Attack!

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