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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 29
Part 3, Two’s company

The dirt road continued to stretch forward, through the shorter grass and over tiny rocky ridges. Over time, it generally led North West, and the scenery morphed from predominantly farmer’s fields to thin patches of woodland. Of course, the dominant sight was the rocky mountains to the northern side, which were both pretty and imposing. Remembering geography class, Summer knew that a route crossing that area, but it`s number stayed a mystery.

While Sentret would occasionally give his surroundings a good scouting, Mint continued to hop blissfully on. She would occasionally stop to admire something, but it was never longer than a few moments, and the bouncing or dashing around would resume. The rodent seemed calmer, and tried to be more aware of his surroundings. At the same time, he usually wasn’t too far ahead of Summer, while Chikorita could put a decent distance between them. It was easy to note that they both had different personalities and tendencies, just from simple observation.

Summer, taking her focus off the views, returned her thoughts to nicknaming her new teammate. What angle could she go for? Then… after a few minutes, it hit her. This Pokémon seemed to be scouting most of the time, so maybe Scout would work?

“H-hey, Sentret?” the girl started, slowing her pace slightly. A little confused, the brown rodent turned around, eyeing his trainer. Mint, who was still hopping, stopped for a moment when she heard Summer’s voice. However, it was easy for her to deduce she wasn’t the one being addressed, and went right back to her bout of hyper.

“Tret?” he asked in his usual high pitched voice.

“I-I was thinking since Mint had a name,” upon hearing her named spoken, the grass type rushed over, only to find she still wasn’t being addressed. Summer gave her a sheepish smile, and Chikorita nodded a few times, but ended up staying nearby, almost curious as to why her name was uttered. After eyeing her for a moment, the brunette brought her focus back to the racoon-like creature. “That it w-would be nice if you had one too,” she then paused, and was pleased to see him nodding. “I-I think Scout works well, d-do you?”

“Sent!” the Pokémon nodded again, content with his trainer’s choice. It did fit him well, after all.

“Scout it is,” she confirmed, picking up her pace again.

Mint, who’d always been listening in, jumped to her teammate’s side. She hopped a few times before, in her language, offering her congrats. Scout, on the other hand, while he appreciated the Chikorita’s kind “words”, he also found her bouncing around, especially near him, to be a tad… annoying. The term, even to him, was a bit blunt, but there was no real way of softening it. However, for now at least, he’d try and put up with it.

The group continued moving forward at a decent pace, avoiding a few more clashes with wild Pokémon. Summer was still a little shaken up from her clash with Dana, and didn’t really want to fight, now for now anyway. In the end, the other girl proved she wasn’t bad, which did make it better, however. Would the next trainer turn out mean, or would they be kind and compassionate? Quirky or serious? And of course, Summer couldn’t forget about the wild Pokémon they would be sure to encounter, soon then later. She was a little nervous, but also excited, as this was only the beginning!

00C: Shorter and fightless. I kinda wanted to show some interactions, particularly Scout with Summer and Mint.

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