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Sam Sage, Route 29

As soon as the ball pinged marking its success, Sam let the Hoothoot out. At first she stared at Sam, tense and angry. But then, she dropped her glare and hooted contently.

“So, hi. I’m Sam, this is Solir.” She pointed to the Cubone who now sat on the ground. At the mention of his name he looked at Hoothoot, who squeaked happily. Without a reply he went back to what he was doing, which seemed to be drawing in dirt with his bone. “He’s a little, um, shy. So, I suppose I should be giving you a name.” Sam thought for a second, looking to the sky. Her head snapped down and smiling, she said, “How ‘bout Athena?” Hoothoot chirruped acceptingly, then failed in her attempt to stifle a yawn.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry to have woken you up. Want to go back in for a nap?” She held up the Pokeball she had caught the owl in. Athena nodded sleepily and Sam pushed the button on the ball, sucking the bird inside. She turned to Solir. “Do you want to go in your ball to take a rest?” The Cubone shook his head and stood up, ready to go. “Okay.” They continued towards Cherrygrove.

It wasn’t long before they could see the city up ahead. The trees were starting to thin. Sam stopped short when a blur of brown and red ran in front of her feet. It was quickly followed by a boy with a net. The boy jumped at the brown thing, which Sam now saw was a Weedle, crashing to the ground, net extended and empty. The Weedle continued running and disappeared between the trees.

The boy got to his knees and shook his head. He seemed a good bit younger than Sam, wearing a green t-shirt and khaki shorts. He was grumbling about the loss of the bug when he saw Sam. Immediately he was on his feet and pointing his net accusingly.

“You! You’re a trainer! We will battle!” He seemed quite excited about this.

“Alright, I guess. Two on two good with you?” She walked back a bit to make room for the battle.

“That’s fine!” He was grinning ear to ear. Sam couldn’t understand why. It was her first battle against a trainer and he was more excited. He tossed a Pokeball, and with a flash of light a little green spider appeared in front of him. Sam recognized it as Spinarak, a fairly common bug Pokemon.

“You ready for this Solir?” The Cubone walked towards Spinarak and prepared to fight. “You want to go first?” she asked her opponent.

“Sure! Spin, start off with Scary Face, then Poison sting!” The green spider immediately followed his orders. He lifted his abdomen to show off the black markings which resembled a very angry face. This not only made Spinarak look larger, but also more dangerous. Solir had little visible reaction, but he was definitely more wary of the bug. The spider started to attack.

“Try to dodge it, then use Tail Whip.” Solir was still wary of the bug and wouldn’t take his eyes of him. He moved to dodge the white needles the spider was now shooting from his mouth, his reluctance to turn around cost him. He was hit head on the stinging needles. They dissolved upon impact, but left behind small cuts which seemed to burn. Trying to ignore the pain, Solir finally turned to follow his orders. He wagged his tail back and forth tauntingly.

The moved had the desired effect. Spin was quite angry and rushed to attack again as soon as his trainer shouted “Another Poison Sting!” Again the white needles shot at Solir, but this time he managed to dodge. But when he regained his footing, Sam saw him grimace in pain. The poison from the last set of needles still lingered. “Let’s try to finish this quickly. Bone Club!”

The tough little Cubone ignored the pain and charged at the green spider in front of him. He swung his bone overhead and brought it down directly on the Spinarak. The bug seemed a little stunned, but quickly regain his sense and scuttled towards his trainer, awaiting orders. “Keep at it Solir!” He charged at Spin again.

“String shot!” the boy called to Spin. Immediately String Spit Pokemon did what he was apparently famous for; he spit string. The sticky white rope wrapped around Solir’s legs, tying them together. He came crashing to the ground and he lost his grip on his bone, which skidded away. He squirmed to escaped, but it didn’t seem to be helping. Spin took advantage of this and sent out another flurry of needles. They hit Solir directly in the head, but his skull seemed to give him some defense against them.

Spin was preparing another Poison Sting. Solir finally managed to break free. “Bone Club!” Sam called to him, but he was already charging recently required bone in hand. He was hit directly in the stomach with the most recently bout of needles, but charged straight through them. He pounced at his opponent and brought his bone crashing down on his head. Spin stared lazily into the distance, obviously to out of it to fight.

“Not bad!” The boy with the net called his Pokemon back and pulled out another ball. This time a Wurmple appeared. Solir had already made his way back to Sam and sat by her. She pulled out his Pokeball to recall him, but he shook his head.

“You want to watch?” She asked, pulling out Athena’s ball. He nodded and made a small noise. “You’re sure? You could use a rest.” He nodded again. “Alright then.” She pushed the button on the Pokeball and Athena appeared standing on the ground in front of her. Sam noticed she stood only on one leg. The owl yawned and looked at Sam sleepily. “Sorry to interrupt your sleep, but Solir needs a rest, and we’ve got a Wurmple to fight. Hoothoot turned to look at the Wurmple, all thoughts of sleep banished from her mind.

“Okay Dennis, use String Shot!” Sam was surprised to hear his name was Dennis. She was expecting something cheesy like Spin. Dennis shot a stream of the white substance just as Spin had.

“Dodge it, quick!” Athena shot into the air, evading the attack. She flapped her little wings quickly to hold herself up. “Tackle!” Athena shot at Dennis like a bullet. As soon as he saw this he ran for his life. Athena pulled up, just above the ground and soared after the worm, determined to hit him. The Wurmple ran crazily, desperate to loose his pursuer. Eventually he ended up just running in a circle. Athena did not give up. The two of them where now zooming around the battlefield on opposite sides of a ring. It was kind of comical.

Sam just stared at them from a moment, then remembered her duties as a trainer. “Athena, turn around.” Athena skidded to a stop and went the other way in the circle she had been flying. Almost immediately she ran head on into the Wurmple, who was knocked back to the ground in a cloud of dust. As soon as Dennis was back on his feet he ran to his trainer and cowered behind his leg, shaking with fright. The boy smiled apologetically, turned and squatted down, talking quietly to his Pokemon. After a moment, he stood up, turned to Sam, and declared, “We forfeit. Sorry about that. Dennis is young, and I guess not really ready to battle yet.” He recalled his Pokemon and marched over to Sam. Athena took her place next to Solir.

“Here,” the boy said, holding out money. “You won, so you get this.”

“Oh. Um, okay. Thanks.” Sam took the money gratefully.

“Thank you for the battle. I’ll be going now.” The boy walked off into the woods in the same direction he had come. Sam turned to her Pokemon.

“You guys did great! Here, I’ll let you rest in you Pokeballs until I get you to a Pokemon center.” This time Solir accepted, and both of them were drawn into the balls with a flash. Sam started off once again towards Cherrygrove City.

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