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New Bark Town

Zac got out of his bed and got changed. He raced down the stairs and went straight out the door. Zac saw the lab and was frozen with anticipation. Zac finally entered the lab and saw Prof Pine and his assisstants. Prof Pine asked which of the pokemon he want as he displayed them. "I would like the Cyndaquil." Prof Pine handed Zac Cyndaquil's pokeball along with five others and a pokedex. Zac looked at Cyndaquil's pokedex entry. "I think I call you Flare." Flare jumped up and dowm show his appreciation for the name. Zac returned Flare to his pokeball. Zac thank Prof Pine and ran out to route 29. His mum stopped him and handed him a pokegear. Zac hugged his mother and then raced to Route 29. Cyndaquil came out of the pokeball and jumped onto Zac. Cyndaquil used his fire on his back to show his determination.

Route 29
Zac reached the entrance and saw some pokemon running around. "Cyndaquil lets get our next pokemon."

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