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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 29
(Follow up from the previous post)

Overjoyed, the small green Pokémon clapped its front paws (?) as her trainer picked up the red and white sphere. They’d managed to overcome their first difficult moment, as a team. Summer beamed, a nice, happy mood had been set. However, something still remained on her mind.

“You-you listened when I called you Mint,” she stated, now focusing on Chikorita, who was still on celebration mode. Hearing her partner’s question, the grass type nodded furiously, and then started jumping up and down again. Going off of this, the girl pressed on, “do you like the name?” Again, Chikorita gave a positive reaction.

Summer pondered this for a moment, knowing some did give their team individual nicknames. She’d never given it much though, although it made sense. Not only did it distinguish them from other members of the same species, but it also gave each individual a sense of uniqueness. The more the girl mulled it over, the more she liked the idea.

“Would y-you like to go by Mint?” Summer proposed to her Chikorita, who, by now, had started hopping about again.

“Chika!” she exclaimed, bouncing a little higher on that turn. That battle had not been enough to drive her energy down. Actually, if anything, it provided a solid boost!

Nodding, Summer beckoned them to continue moving forward, the adventure on this route was only beginning, and despite still being a little nervous, was looking forward to next events!

Part 2, When the meek ones get angry…

The duo had managed to walk a little ways forward, seeing a few more Pokémon, but not really interacting with them. Summer preferred to keep the action down for now, allowing her teammates to rest a bit. Not that Mint was doing much of that, running around and generally acting hyper. The brunette wished she would take some down time, but the happy look on her face prevented Summer from doing anything. Why shoot her sprits down?

The girl also hadn’t released her catch from its ball yet. She was honestly worried it would try and escape, and knew it was pretty clever. The way it used its tail during the last fight had been impressive to say the least, and she knew such actions could make or break a battle. “Use everything to your advantage” Summer recalled her Pokémon teacher saying, and nodded to herself.

Another thought then crossed her mind. If Mint had a name, it would be… mean really not to give Sentret one as well. But, the question was, what?

She wasn’t given much time to reflect, however, before a new situation arose.

Busy thinking and not watching her step, the brunette accidently stepped… on something mushy. Realising this wasn’t the ground’s normal consistency; Summer looked down… and noticed some pink splatter emerging from under her canvass shoe. What?

“Hey!” an angry feminine voice called, and when the teenager looked up, she noticed a girl sporting shoulder length blonde her. She wore a white shirt and a short emerald green skirt, with small black loafers. On her face, a look of disgust was pasted. “Where do you get off wrecking my picking?”

“O-oh! S-s-sorry, I didn’t mean t-to!” Summer stuttered, feeling bad for having destroyed the berry. At the same time, however, she also knew it was an accident.

“What’s the matter, too stupid to watch your step?” the other girl hissed, pale arms crossed. Feeling a insulted, the brunette simply backed off. “Oh! You aren’t getting away that easily! It’s payback time missy!”

“Wait wait?! You want me to pay for the berry? Umm…sure…” Summer was then cut off.

“Not like that you klutz! I mean in a Pokémon battle!”


“Are you deaf too? That’s what I said!” she paused when her eyes located Mint, who was giving her a defiant look. What business did this brute have bossing Summer around?! She was nice enough to leave her jump around and enjoy the nice day!

“Ha! Is this your Pokémon?! Looks pretty stupid to me!” was the retort. This pushed Summer over the edge.

“Stop it! Mint is not stupid! How does this even concern her anyway? She didn’t step on your berry, I did, and it was a mistake! Don’t tell me you haven’t ever made one yourself!” the brunette snapped, narrowing her eyes. Bullying… drove her crazy, and that’s what this girl was now doing. Unable to come up with a decent counter, the blonde just returned the gaze.

“You still have to pay” she finally managed, grabbing a Pokéball from her belt.

“Fine by me!” Summer spat, reaching for Sentret’s capsule. Mint was probably a safer bet, but she also wanted to give the other member some experience.

“Y-you’ll get your turn next time,” she reassured the grass type, who had given her a suspicious look. Nodding, Chikorita hopped to the sideline, eager to see the brat beat.

“Go Wing!” the foe shouted, tossing her Pokémon into the match. In a flash of bright light, a small cream and brown bird was released. It, being unfamiliar, warranted a Pokédex check. After having pulled it out of her bag, she aimed it at the opponent. The blue light when off, and it started.

“Pidgey, the tiny bird Pokémon. It rapidly flaps its wings in the grass, stirring up a dust cloud that drives insect prey out into the open.” The red gizmo spoke in a slow, mechanical voice.

“Are you just going to stand there waving your toy at Wing, or are we going to have a match?” the other girl didn’t seem as angry as before, but still sounded annoyed.

“Let’s d-do this, Sentret” Summer mimicked her foe, tossing her own Pokéball into the air. The racoon-like creature appeared after a burst of red light, and landed smoothly on its tail. It turned around, giving its new trainer an uneasy look. It was returned with a gentle smile and a thumbs up. This made it a little nervous, and it`s attention refocused on the battle.

“Use tackle!” the blonde ordered, pointing at its target. The bird flapped it`s wings a few times and charged forward.

“Dodge, quick!” was the counter command, and Sentret avoided the oncoming blow with ease. However, the bird made an aerial flip, literally making a loop before aiming once again. This time, they were both too slow to act and the brown rodent was hit on the right side.

“Weren’t expecting that, were ya?” the girl called, although it was hard to tell if she was taunting or not. Either way, it was ignored.

“L-let`s counter with scratch,” Summer stated, watching the bird carefully. What else was it capable of?

“Too easy! Climb, Wing!” and with that, Pidgey began to rise, soon destroying Sentret’s ability to reach it. Once it landed from its attempt, the Pokémon turned to its trainer, looking a little uneasy again. It was acting a lot differently than before, Mint noticed. She was a little baffled by this, although continued to cheer strongly from the sideline. “Chchi”

Summer, on the other hand, was being to grow nervous as well. The foe had full range of the sky, which meant it could easily get a hit, and then retreat up again. Wondering if the rodent had another attack, the brunette toke the time to look it up in her Pokédex. A few tidbits of information came up, including gender, level… and attacks! According to this…

“Let’s get another tackle in!” Upon hearing it`s trainer`s voice, the bird nodded, and started downward. Summer refocused her attention on the battle, where Pidgey was in line to get another hit in.

“Dodge it!” the rodent nodded, and, using his tail as a spring, leapt into the air, as done in the last encounter. How could she have forgotten about that tactic?! Either way, they finally had the high ground, and it was best to exploit this while they could. “”F-follow up with scratch,” Summer stated, unintentionally mimicking her foe and pointing at the bird. Drawing it’s claws, Sentret closed in, and managed to get a good swipe on the left wing. The flying type banked to the opposite side, trying to compensate for its injury.

“Wing, try sand attack,” cried the other trainer, and when the Pidgey tried whipping up a dust bowl, ended up hurting itself even more. “Oh… no,”

“Another scratch,” Summer stated, hoping this could be the end. Nodding, the brown creature leapt to the bird’s lowered height, and gave it another swipe on the right.

“Enough! I’m done!” the girl cried, Pokéball in hand. “Wing… can’t fight in this state!” The brunette was a little shocked at her foe’s forfeit, considering the way she’d acted before. Lifting the enlarged sphere in her hand, she tapped the centre button and it opened slightly, causing a thin stream of light to fly toward its target. Enveloping the bird, it then quickly returned to its source, this action, snapped the ball shut.

“G-good job,” the rodent simply smiled when complimented, although Mint was jumping for joy. Summer gave it a gentle pat on the head, and then refocused her attention on the defeated opponent.

“Looks like you won,” she started, but didn’t continue.


“Guess that’s what I get for losing my temper… again,” she then sighed, lowering her gaze for a moment. “I kinda jump the gun too early… sorry”

“N-no harm done, right?” Summer asked, looking at her two Pokémon. Chikorita nodded, after a moment of hesitation, and after seeing that, Sentret followed suit. The girl forced a weak smile, nodded slowly, and started heading away.

“Maybe I’ll see you again sometime. The name's Dana by the way,” she added, turning around.

“Yeah. I-I’m Summer,” the brunette replied, nodding her head. She may have lucked out on the scratch and sand attack, but a win was a win, especially considering this was battle one!

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