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Default Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

(Comments are appreciated, be it critisism or praise. Also, as a precaution to fanfic theft, I'll only put this on PE2k. Nowhere else. Alert me if you see this anywhere else. One more thing: After a few chapters, it does get very violent.)

"Oh, how many have dreamed of it.

It's the dream that unifies all of creation: It spans dimensions and the gaps between them; It spans in space, and the space between space; It spans time and it's absence.

It's the dream of eternal, everlasting perfection. Eternal peace and ultimate power, combined. Nothing is wrong, not even in the slightest.

Sadly, this cannot happen. We are imperfect. That anything would be imperfect for even the shortest amount of time would blot out any chance of perfection forevermore.

Sometimes, even our views of perfection aren't right: Some believe it's a lack of War, whist others believe it's a lack of weakness. Neither is true; We are at our weakest in total equality, and we are at infinite war with absolute power.

All of creation, however, has achieved a different kind of perfection: Though unorthodox, this perfection is a kind of equivalence between power and peace. It's worked for us for millenniums now; There is nothing truly wrong with the world right now, as it is.

But...There are those that are still in pursuit of perfection, at all costs...Even at the expense of all existence..."


He had always hated tight spaces, but this was the cost of failure: He had saved everybody of his group. Everybody but himself.

The trial had not gone well. He was charged with too many crimes to count, and he didn't even bother with listening to them. He pleaded Guilty. But, according to the standard laymen, his defense was 'absurd.'

He swore the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so why tell lies? But, as usual, any civil attempt to destroy Avonu's nearly invincible public image was pretty much useless.

So now, he was given nothing short of the death sentence.

But apparently, he had one last chance to convince somebody that what he spoke was the truth, before he passed the torch over to what had already been chosen as his successor. He felt cold that he couldn't do anything about the choice, but if he could, he'd have chosen someone else entirely. But it was fixed. It was too late to change the instant he was informed of it.

The very man who had caught and prosecuted him would also be the executioner. He stared into the bronze eyes, hoping that he'd read his message and believe.

"Alright then. Before I tell you the choice you'll have to make, I'll say this: You're persistent. But, you already know that nobody believed your story. It still sounds preposterous, truthfully..." Gear said. Pesse was the one person that could mercilessly hunt you down, do everything in his power to give you the death sentence during trial, and say that right when he was going to execute you.

"I swore to tell the truth. So I did." He said.

"Whatever. The truth's different for all of us, I suppose..." Gear said. "Now, you've got two options. I'll let you choose how you die. There's only two options, but I think you'll like the first one more..."

"Alright, what's my unjust punishment?" He said.

"You can either die with lethal injection, with this convenient needle, right here..." Gear said, showing him a needle filled with a deadly neurotoxin that could kill easier and quicker than VX could, "Or, the worse of the two, you get yourself stabbed, through the stomach, with this." Gear said as he pulled out the Gear Titan, A blade that weighed a ton, with patterns of six-pronged gears everywhere you looked. The famous and beloved Cogix was not without his privileges...

"Is this room being...watched? Monitored? By anything? Other than you?" He asked.

"No. But it hardly matters." Gear said. "You're chained up, roped up, and cuffed in as many ways as I'd care to name." He added. "And you've got no keys. You're no Houdini.

Of course, he'd had to point out that he had been bound so securely to a chair that he couldn't even budge a fraction of an inch if he tried his hardest, right now.

"LISTEN!!" He yelled, seizing the chance. "Avonu Voya-"

"-Is an Arbiter. Yhea. You said that yourself. That being said, you've got no proof, and I've got no way to check." Gear said. "The Psychics that checked you found no memory nor any meeting of a source that told you of such a thing."

"They fudged the results! I saw the battle between Avonu and Tyzzax with my own two eyes-the only non-Arbiter to have ever seen the battle for the title of High Prophet!" He yelled, trying to convince him.

Gear only bent an eyebrow in surprise at such a fact. He didn't mention that he saw the battle between the duo in the court. But it made no difference now. "...That doesn't matter. The circumstances are similar-Both are foes from a family of Arbiter decent, and both fight until one is wiped of all existence. Avonu won, and promptly destroyed Tyzzax, body and soul. Tyzzax and Avonu are twins-they talk the same, act very similar, and they do have a knack of attracting people to side with them...But that's not proof enough. Avonu has publically claimed to loath the Arbiters, and there's no real evidence to even slightly suggest he's part of any terrorist group, much less the leader of the Arbiters." Gear said. "Now, is there any other worthless testimony about how Avonu's scum? Or anything like it?"

"...One. I'm Psychic, you know..." He said.

"Of course." Gear said.

"I've seen your fate...You will meet a grave defeat before this year ends...Whether or not it is death, I do not know, but I know the day...Yes, the day of New Year's Eve, before midnight, of course..."

"D**m. There goes going out to dinner." Gear said, sarcastically. "Anything else?"

"...No. I'll take the Needle, by the way." He said, yanking the needle out of Gear's hand with psychic powers. Gear's eyes went wide with shock-he was totally unprepared for such a catastrophe as this, to think that he overpowered the qualities that the room had to keep such powers out of the question, and thinking that his death date would be far in advance, but then the captive did something unexpected-stab himself with the very weapon he could have used to cheat death.

"I'm...Not...Important to...Your death...But he will be..."

His last words. He died, right then. The neurotoxin was that effective.

Gear couldn't help but wonder about whoever his he was. It was probably some extremely good crime boss, or whoever the real High Prophet is.

He then shoved the very thought that such a crazy dude as that guy could have even properly predicted anything right, especially of something of that magnitude. He was probably going senile, and he was only thirty or so. The chance of death as head of the military was high, true, but considering that his supposed death date was only eight weeks away, he wasn't counting on making the deadline.

Eon Sky
You Have No Idea.
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