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Default Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?


Wii - Spectrobes: Origin (really hard for a Disney game...Level jumps are horrible. You go from fighting level 40 enemies to level 60. URG. And massive bosses)

Xbox 360 - Sonic Unleashed (I don't care what you guys think. The werehog RULES. ...Then again, I just love beating the crap outta enemies...Lol.)

DS Lite - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker (How many times have I played this game? I don't know. The sequel was just announced to be coming to America, finally. FINALLY...)

I'd like to note that I'll soon (as in 3 months) be playing Sonic Generations on my 360. It looks and sounds gorgeous. AND CITY ESCAPE IS IN IT. I loved that level so much...*Sniff*
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