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@ sammy0295 - Neat, I've always loved the Bone Club xD Creativity is good but careful not to treat it as the attack 'Bonemerang' though.

- Solir (Cubone) grew to level 6!
- Sam caught a Hoothoot! (lv 4, female [Ability: Insomnia])


Selma, Cherrygrove (once again, long, sorry >.< I like to write 8D You don't have to write posts this long if you don't want to)

It was evening when Selma entered Cherrygrove City. She immediately followed the signs leading to the pokémon center and entered it. Inside there were many people even though it was starting to get late. Selma tried to look friendly and calm as she walked up to the counter and asked the nurse if she could heal her pokémon here. The nurse took Toto's and Star's pokéballs and put them on a tray that she marked with "Selma Sanderton", before handing the tray over to a big, pink pokémon that walked away with them. Selma recognized the pokémon as a Chansey. They had those in the pokémon center in Olivine as well. Sweet, helpful pokémon.

The nurse suggested getting a room for the night as her pokémon got healed and rested up. They had recently built more rooms since this was a popular place for both local trainers and travelers to meet up and many needed some place to stay. Selma thanked her and received a key to a room. She went back and actually fell asleep very quickly even though the room and the bed was very simple and small.

Next morning, Selma woke up and tried to find her pokémon. But then she remembered where she was and where her pokémon was. She got up and out to the entrance hall of the pokémon center. There, she noticed that there was a cafeteria as well. It had been closed the previous evening.

She gave back the key and received her pokémon. They were as healthy as ever again! Pokémon centers really were great. Sponsored by high up people from the Pokémon League Competition, so that trainers didn't need to pay anything. She took Toto out of his pokéball and was greeted by him jumping up and down.

"Wow!" a voice was heard and a girl ran up to Selma. "A Totodile! That's my favorite pokémon!"

"All pokémon are your favorites..." a boy said and walked up to them. "Please excuse my sister," he said to Selma, politely.

"What? I didn't do anything!"

"Not this time."

"You are mean!"

"Please, I don't mind people looking at my Totodile," Selma said, sweatdropping. "I mean, it's not like he dislikes it," she added and pointed down at him. The pokémon was currently flexing in front of the girl.

"Hm, but still," the boy said. "I'm Flynn by the way. And this is Nicole."

Selma took the hand he held out. What a polite boy. "Nice to meet you, Flynn and Nicole," Selma said, even though Nicole seemed rather preoccupied with Totodile and didn't try to greet her like her brother did. "My name's Selma." Flynn seemed to be in her age or older, while Nicole seemed to be a year or two younger.

"Are you a pokémon trainer, Selma?" she asked, finally looking up at the girl from Olivine.

"Yeah... I am," she replied.

"Oh! Battle me!" Nicole yelled eagerly.

"No, Nicole, you shouldn't challenge trainers, I've told you..." Flynn tried to stop her.

"How else am I going to get stronger?" Nicole said sourly and pouted.

"Uh, it's no worry! I love challenges. And I'm not that strong yet," Selma said. "Not that I'm gonna let you win, of course."

Nicole seemed to love Selma's cockyness. "LET'S GO OUTSIDE!" she demanded and marched out through the door to the pokémon center. Flynn sighed and shrugged while motioning for Selma to step out before him. Selma and Toto did so.

Outside, the morning wasn't quite as sunny as the day before had been. Clouds covered the sky. Nicole took a firm stand many meters away on the plaza in front of the pokémon center. Some people seem to realize what was about to take place, and came to watch. Selma stood right outside the pokémon center. Flynn stood by her side.

"Flynn! Get over here now!" Nicole called out to him.

"Nuh-uh," He replied and crossed his arms, stepping closer to Selma. "You wanted to battle. You'll have to do it on your own."

"But..." Nicole looked a bit taken aback. "But you're supposed to help me...?"

"If you don't do it on your own, how are you ever supposed to get stronger?" Flynn asked tauntingly.

Nicole pouted again, but did pick up a pokéball from her pocket. "Fine, then!" she said and threw it out into the air. "Leds, come out!"

The pokéball burst open in a white light that transformed into a ladybug-like creature that remained in the air, flying. The ball went back to Nicole, obediently. Selma thought it was a very cute little pokémon. She took up her pokédex from the belt and pointed it towards the bug. "A Ledyba," she said to herself.

"That's right. Nicole caught it just north of here," Flynn said nonchalantly.

"Alright, I'll use Toto! Go on and shine," Selma told her blue companion with a smile. Totodile smiled as well, of course, and bounded forth to the scene.

"So... you are the challenger so you start attacking?" Selma suggested. That was how Jake had done it.

"Isn't it the other way around?" Nicole said with a questioning look. "Seems a bit unfair otherwise."

"Oh, sure!" Selma said and sweatdropped with her usual apologetic smile. Darn that amateur trainer Jake... "Toto, use Water Gun!"

Toto fired his Water Gun, but Leds the Ledyba managed to dodge it swiftly in the air.

"Leds, Supersonic!" Nicole ordered.

"Oh dear," Flynn said.

"What now?" Selma asked.

Leds started to convey supersonic waves through the air. Toto didn't really hear them... but he felt them. And he grew so very dizzy... he didn't know what was up or down after a few seconds.

"Toto, stop playing around!" Selma yelled, before feeling it as well. What a horrible feeling...

"Cover your ears," Flynn said and covered his own. Selma did as she was told, and the nausea stopped. Toto didn't seem to have realized how the attack could be stopped though. He looked like he had trouble standing still.

Nicole wasn't hit by the attack, standing behind Leds. She laughed. "Always as fun!" she said. "Now, Tackle!"

Leds flew down and tackled Toto rather simply. Toto fell over from the hit and shook his head. He was still confused.

"What's the matter?" Selma said, also confused but in a different manner.

"Supersonic makes your pokémon dizzy," Flynn explained, speaking loudly to get through to her.

"No, Toto! Use Water Gun again!"

Toto spun around and almost hit Selma and Flynn with the Water Gun attack. Nicole kept laughing. Leds too. Then, something snapped inside the Totodile. He regained focus and fired his Water Gun straight at the bug. It got no warning and was shot down from the air. Stumbling, it tried to dry its wings quickly and get back up.

"That's my boy!" Selma shouted happily. Flynn smiled. "Now, Scratch it while it's down!"

"Leds, Tackle it on the ground!"

Toto leaped close and swung his claws at the same time as Leds jumped forward into a Tackle. It wasn't as good at evading attacks on the ground as in the air though, so the Scratch hit and made the bug sway from its path and miss with the Tackle. Leds didn't really feel good right now. But it came up into the air again, rather angry.

"Supersonic again!" Nicole shouted frantically.

"Water Gun, quick!" Selma shouted just as frantically. This was exhilarating. It was a race to decide what attack would be best in the exact right moment... Selma realized there and then that she loved pokémon battling. It was a sport, just like any other sport... only there was something different. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

The Water Gun had already been fired as the Supersonic started, so it hit and shot the bug down from the air again. And this time it didn't get up.

"Seems like you lost," Flynn's voice came from behind Selma. She spun around with a confused look. "Oh, not you," Flynn explained and pointed. "My sister."

The people on the plaza were applauding Toto and Selma and Toto just lllloooved the attention. Nicole was furious. Seems like she couldn't take a loss very well. She returned Leds into its pokéball and marched up to Selma. There she stood not really knowing what to say for a few moments, opening and closing her mouth. Selma spoke instead, making her characteristic smile.

"Well fought! Leds is pretty tough," she said.

Nicole nodded. "Yeah. I've trained him for a while. Anyways. This is yours." She handed the older girl some money. Not much, but Selma was grateful. "Are you staying in this town for long?" she then asked.

Selma looked down at Toto who had finally calmed down a little as the crowd moved along. "I don't think so. We're supposed to be traveling Johto."

"Oh, please stay for a bit longer! For today at least!" Nicole squealed and fell to her knees in front of Selma, who felt really awkward all of a sudden.

Flynn looked embarrassed. "Get up, stupid!" he said.

"Please teach me more about battling cleverly," Nicole said and looked up at Selma.

"What? But... you have probably been a trainer for longer than I have..."

"You just need to listen to me and REMEMBER what I say even when I'm not there!" Flynn said a bit angrily.

"No, I want to battle Selma again," Nicole said and got up.

"Oh... I guess I can stay today," Selma said with a smile.

Flynn sighed. It was going to be a long day.


@ Charm -

- Toto (Totodile) grew to level 8 and learned Rage!

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