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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Sam Sage, Route 29

Route 29 was unremarkable, but Sam had always though it was beautiful. It was similar to many other Routes in Johto, a path cutting through a lightly wooded area, but still, she had always like it. Solir on the other hand, did not seem to be enjoying it much. He followed her closely, but made no effort seem like he had any relation to her. Sam noticed it, but made no mention of it. She stopped suddenly and Solir, looking at the ground, did not notice until he bumped into her leg.

She turned around and picked up the sad creature. She held him in his arms and looked at him kindly. “From what I’ve heard about Cubones, you miss your mother, right?” He nodded solemnly. “Alright, I can understand that, but you can’t just wander around being sad for the rest of your life. I’m not saying you’ll get over it or anything, I get that it’s got to be really hard on you, but acting like this isn’t going to help.” She place Solir gently back on the ground.

Then in a much cheerier voice, said, “So, let’s see if we can’t find a Pokemon to catch, maybe for you to make friends with.” They continued to walk, now staying more towards the trees, hoping to come across a Pokemon. Sam stopped when she heard Solir let out a small cry behind her. She turned to find him pointing to a high tree branch hanging overhead. Sam looked up, but couldn’t see anything of interest in the tree. Solir banged on the trunk as hard as he could with his bone. Something rustled on the branch.

He banged again. There was another rustle, a flash of twin red orbs, and something fell from the tree. Sam instinctively moved to catch it. When it landed in her arms she saw it was a small round bird, brown with black markings around its huge red eyes. It shrieked and flapped its small wings, scrambling to get away.

The little owl seemed unsure who to attack first, Sam or Solir. Solir solved the dilemma by banging on the tree again and cry at the Hoothoot. The bird dived at Solir who jumped away, barely making it. The bird turned back and prepared to dive again.

“Solir, try to hit it with Bone Club when it comes back.” As Hoothoot charged again, Solir hopped out of the way and swung his bone like a baseball bat. Unfortunately he only grazed the owl, but it seemed to hurt nonetheless. Hoothoot dive again. “Bone Club again!” Hoothoot had aimed better this time and tackled headfirst into Solir’s stomach, knocking him to the ground while Hoothoot rose back into the air. The Owl Pokemon shot back down at Solir who still lay on the ground. “Quick, dodge it!”

Solir barely managed to roll out of the way. Hoothoot pulled up at the last second and screeched at Solir angrily. The owl’s eyes began to glow red. Sam recognized it as Foresight. It had apparently gotten sick of missing. It scanned Solir who had regained his footing and now waited for instructions and a chance to reach Hoothoot. “You’re not going to be able to dodge the next attack.” Hoothoot still floated above them, eyes glowing. “So make sure to hit it first!” Solir either misinterpreted his instructions, or just thought his was a better idea, because while Hoothoot continued to stare at him, he chucked the bone he held as hard as he could.

The bone hit Hoothoot right between the eyes and dropped to the ground. Hoothoot’s eyes stopped glowing and stopped flapping. It dropped a few feet through the air before it started his wings flapping quickly again. The attack caught Hoothoot off guard, but now Solir had lost his bone, and was left for the most part, open for attack. Hoothoot dived once again, faster and angrier than ever before.

Without really thinking, Sam threw the only thing she had on hand, a Pokeball, intending to distract the bird. It hit Hoothoot and bounced back. The bird did stop, but only because he was transformed into a ball of glowing light, then sucked into the Pokeball. The ball fell to the ground and began to shake.

EDIT: OOC: 3 Hoothoots so far, each with a different color foresight...

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