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Chris Knight
Route 29/Secluded Area Part Deux

Chris sat at the base of a tall tree, overlooking the land as Light climbed above him. He wondered where all of the other "volunteers" where, considering one had already left before him. As he thought about this, Light slipped on a branch and fell onto his head. "Light!" Chris exclaimed, hitting the mouse pokemon gently on the head.

After not coming to a conclusion about the others, Chris stood up and promptly started to walk. Sending out Hoothoot (who he had nicknamed Noctus), he bent over and asked if the owl saw anything. Pointing to the east with a single "hoot!", Hoothoot started to fly towards it. "Wait up, Noctus!" Chris said, sprinting after his Pokemon. "I AM YOUR MASTERRRRR!"

When he finally found Noctus, the tired Hoothoot had already fell asleep. Putting him back into his Pokeball, Chris decided to see what the big deal was in this location. It was a rectangular piece of land, about the size of a Pokemon field. It was far away from the normal path of the route, with strange clouds covering it. Trees surrounded the entire perimeter, but there was no one else there. Suddenly, a small yellow animal began crawling across the stage! "Wow! Today really is my lucky day!" Chris said happily, then pulled out an empty pokeball. "Pokeball, go!" he threw the pokeball at the animal, but what he found was slightly unexpected...

The ball didn't work! The animal slowly rose, then faced him and began to scream. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"it said angrily, revealing a human face. Chris stared at him in horror. "You're...not a Pokemon?" he asked, confused. "OF COURSE NOT!!" he replied. Throwing Chris's Pokeball back, the man slowly began to calm down.

"I'm a Pokefreak. We dress like pokemon, see?" he turned around, showing Chris a sewn Pikachu tail. "Whatever," Chris said, clearly unimpressed. The man looked extremely offended, then took his place at the other side of the field. "Then you shall battle me!" he reached inside his costume and pulled out a Pokeball.

A rabbit-looking Pokemon with a long tail popped out, saying "Sentret! Sen!" Chris whipped out his Pokedex, and scanned the unfamiliar pokemon. "Ah, a Sentret." he said, then reached for his own Pokeballs.

Picking up Noctus, he threw the ball into the air. "Noctus, show him what you can do!" Chris said, then immediately regreted it. Wow, that was terrible! Noctus stood, ready for battle in front of him. "Use Foresight!" Noctus complied, and a light blue aura circled his red eyes. The Pokefreak laughed. "Sentret, destroy this loser! Tackle!" Sentret began to run forward, but Noctus flew into the air right before it hit. Sentret looked up in the air, clearly not able to reach Noctus.

"Use Tackle, Noctus!" the bird pokemon flew down, crashing its rather large body into Sentret. It was a hard blow, but Sentret wasn't down for the count yet. It went in for a Tackle of its own, this time hitting its foe. Noctus was blown back, but held his ground with two feet. "Now Noctus, use Growl! Then two Tackles in a row!" Chris said, seeming to have the upper hand. His Hoothoot obeyed its orders, and made a cute whimpering sound. Distracted by his opponent, Sentret stayed still. In a split second, Noctus rammed into Sentret, who hit a tree, obviously unable to battle. The Pokefreak spit, then reached into his costume yet again. Returning Sentret, he pulled out yet another Pokeball.

Chris, after returning Noctus, decided it was Light's turn to play. Sending the Pikachu out, Pokefreak squealed in delight. "THAT'S PIKACHU! JUST LIKE MY COSTUME!" he said, then threw out a Pokeball of his own. A red fish came out...without water. It flopped along the ground as Chris burst out laughing.

Not even bothering to reach for his Pokedex, he gave Light just one command. "Thundershock, please~" Light did as he was told, and the fish looked almost ready to give out. At that moment, it began to rain. The ground quickly turned to mud, and the fishy pokemon looked rejuvenated. Flailing in for a Tackle, it surprisingly hit Light head on. "...Thundershock! More and more Thundershock!" Light tried to use his regular attack, but found that something else happened. Small lightning bolts fell from the sky, one for each Thundershock commanded. The fish stood no chance; after the third one, it was knocked out.

"YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS!" The Pokefreak quickly reclaimed his pokemon and thrust some Pokedollars into Chris's hand. He got back on his knees and crawled away, murmuring some foul language. Chris simply smiled, and sent out Hoothoot. "Hoo," he replied happily. "You know how to get us out of here?" Chris asked. Noctus simply nodded, then took off. "Not again!" he rubbed his head, then went to catch up with Noctus.

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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