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Default Re: Johto Chronicles {RP}

Route 29
Part 1, Mint’s first stand

It hadn’t taken the duo long to exit the small town of New Bark and head for the first Route, numbered twenty-nine. The sun hung high in the sky, and a gentle breeze passed every so often, briefly playing with the brunette’s hair and dress before dying out. Summer had to smile, the wind reminded her of home, where gusts often rolled off the sea. However, instead of sand, the earth here was clad in dirt and grass, a perfect environment for wild Pokémon to live. That also meant this was a good place to make a catch. However, most were probably hiding to avoid detection, or simply sleeping the day away.

“Chikorita! B-be careful!” Summer warned, noticing the green creature running toward uneven ground. Pine hadn’t lied when he said she was spirited, since they’d left the lab, she hadn’t stopped dashing and jumped about. If someone drank ten cups of black coffee, they probably wouldn’t be as hyper as her. Not that the girl minded, but this could be a safety hazard if the Pokémon wasn’t careful. “Why don’t you stay by me for a while?” the girl offered, just loud enough for the grass type to hear. A little surprised that she listened on the first shot, Summer smiled. Maybe… her thoughts were cut short when she caught a glimpse of her starter hopping at her side.

“Chik” she started on the first jump, “ori” on the second and finally “ta”. The brunette, not knowing exactly what the leaf Pokémon was saying, decided to make a causal remark then guess wrongly.

“It’s p-pretty nice here, eh?” she asked, nervously wondering what the reaction would be.

“Chi” along with a higher leap was her response, affirming her trainer’s question. It was a nice change from that stuffy old lab, plenty of room to frolic about and no Pine or assistances to cram her back into that… sphere thing. This was F-U-N!

Summer nodded, and then noticed something… interesting. A crisp minty aroma was hanging in the air… and it seemed to be coming from Chikorita. Every time the grass type bounced, the delicious scent grew stronger, and weakened slightly when she’d lower. It was… quiet soothing actually, and was one of the girl’s favourite smells.

“Cochi!” the Pokémon stopped dead in her tracks, and when Summer turned to see what was wrong, point her front right paw (?) toward the side. Following her lead, the girl’s cobalt eyes met with a brown creature, poking out of the lush grass. It… was a Sentret!

Now, she was faced with a choice, should she just leave it alone, after all, it wasn’t acting hostile or aggressive. At the same time, it would make a great catch!

Chikorita, restless as she was, didn’t stay parked for long, and was already approaching the stranger. She’d seen one in the lab before, but was never given the chance to say hello or anything!

Noticing a possible threat nearing, the wild rodent released a moderate growl, hoping it would act as a repellent. Although this did draw the trainer’s attention, it did nothing to deter her partner.

“P-please! D-don’t aggravate it!” she warned, not realising Chikorita was already too close. Fearing they would get a first strike in, Sentret jumped into acting, drawing its claws and made closed in on the threat. Unable to dodge in time, the grass type received an ugly cute down the left side. It hurt, but not nearly enough to take her out of action. If it wanted to play, she would gladly!

Landing gracefully on its bottom paws, the Sentret tried for another pass, but this time, Chikorita had enough time to react, although she only narrowly avoided the blow. She was exited to get a strike in, and the grass type tried to leap off the ground, but failed to anticipate the foe using its tail. Which, it of course did, and tripped the green creature in the process. There was still fight left in her, but Chikorita wasn’t as confidant as before.

Summer, on the other hand, was being of little help to her ally. She was a little panicked, and trying to find an opening to attack, but was unable. What now?!

Smirking, the racoon-like Pokémon narrowed its eyes and focused in on the opponent. Taking this as a chance to attack, the green creature made another dash. Just as she was about to connect, the Sentret dodged, forcing her into a painful crash with the ground to avoid the nearby rock.

The girl bit her lip, feeling her heart sink a little. This battle was in no way going in their favour, and at this rate, a loss was inevitable. What could…

The foe stood on its tail, ears shot into the sky. That’s when she remembered this species had great hearing. Could that help?

Picking herself back up, the red-eyed starter eyed her target carefully, almost afraid to make another move. Every time she tried something, it backfired! Smirking, the Sentet leapt upward, hoping for another strike. Instead of moving however, the leaf Pokémon looked to her trainer for guidance. This was now or never for the teenage girl!

“Mint, use your g-growl! Make it loud!” as she called, Summer realised her error in naming, and could only hope Chikorita would listen.

Smiling, the green creature opened her mouth and emitted a sharp snarl of her own. Being close to the source of the piecing noise, the Sentret cried out, grabbed for its ears, and ended up tripping itself. There would be no better chance to finish this!

“Tackle now!” the brunette shouted, pumping her left fist. Nodding, the grass type lunged at the foe and ended up pushing it back a little bit. Wasting no time, the girl pulled a red and white sphere from her satchel, made sure to enlarge it, and tossed the object at the target. Landing on its target, the ball open, and in a beam of light, swallowed the rodent. It shacked once, twice…

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